Libyan Security Sector Legislation

Providing complete and up-to-date access to laws, decrees and other legislation


The Libyan security sector legal database provides up-to-date access to current, revoked, and draft legislation governing the security sector. It covers the period from the independence of Libya in 1951 to date. DCAF has collected more than 500 legal texts (constitutions, constitutional amendments, laws, regulations, decrees, decisions, etc.) that are currently being digitalized.


The database provides core security providers, government, legislators, judicial authorities, supervisory institutions, civil society, and media with direct and accurate access to the legal framework governing the security sector in Libya. This will strengthen both formal and informal oversight of the security sector according to democratic principles and the Rule of Law.


The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) is a Swiss-based international organisation dedicated to assisting states – both developed and emerging democracies – in advancing good security sector governance, within a democratic framework and in respect of the rule of law.