DCAF Launches the Libyan Legal Database

The contemporary Libyan context is marked by limited access to security sector-related information in general, and legislation in particular. Government, parliament, judicial authorities, supervisory institutions, civil society, media, and core security providers are not able to fulfil their roles and duties in relation to the Security Sector unless they have direct and accurate information regarding the legal framework.

Therefore, the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) has launched an online legal database containing Libyan security sector legislation; available at www.security-legislation.ly. The database provides up-to-date access to current, revoked, and draft legislation. At the time of launching, more than 90 legal texts are available with updates being made continuously. Texts are predominantly available in Arabic but will be translated into English as soon as possible.

DCAF welcomes any feedback and comments on the content and structure of the online legal database via info@security-legislation.ly.

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