Resolution No. (30) of 2012 on taking urgent measures


National Transitional Council Resolution

No. (30) of 2012

On Taking Urgent Measures

Upon review of:

  • The interim Constitution Declaration issued on 18/3/2011;
  • The bylaws of the Interim National Transitional Council (NTC);
  • The internal regulation of the NTC;
  • Law No. (11) of 2012 on specifying the powers of command levels of the Libyan army;
  • Law No. (37) of 1974 on issuing the Military Penal Code;
  • Law No. (1) of 1999 on the Code of Criminal Procedure in the armed people;
  • The Penal Code and amending and supplementary laws thereto;
  • The Code of Criminal Procedure and amending and supplementary laws thereto;
  • Based on the proposal of members of the committee assigned by the NTC regarding the situation the areas with security tensions;

has decided the following:

Article (1)

The Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army is assigned to control lines of contact in areas of security tension. To such purpose, he shall take all measures, in particular:

  1. Warn all sides to stop opening fire within a maximum period of 3 hours from the moment the resolution is announced and use force against any side if they do not comply.
  2. The power to deal militarily with any vehicle that opens fire on civilians.
  3. Control any military movement within the area and bar the entry and exit of military forces, except with the knowledge of the Chief of Staff.
  4. Speedily take the necessary measures to extend the sovereignty of the State over all portals.

Article (2)

The prosecutor general shall speedily take the necessary measures to investigate grievances and incidents that arise between sides.

Article (3)

This resolution shall enter into force from its date of issue, and the concerned bodies shall implement it.

Interim National Transitional Council – Libya

Issued in Tripoli

On Wednesday: 4/4/2012

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