Law No. (52) of 2012 on adopting provisions on assuming some posts


Law No. (52) of 2012

on adopting some regulations for assuming certain positions

The Interim National Transitional Council

Upon review of:

  • The Victory Declaration of the 17 February Revolution issued on 22 February 2011;
  • The Interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011, and the amendments thereof;
  • The decision forming the Interim National Transitional Council and determining its powers;
  • The internal regulation of the National Transitional Council;
  • Law No. (2) of 2001 on political and consular work, and its executive regulation;
  • Law No. (26) of 2012 on adopting standards and controls for integrity and patriotism, and the amendments thereof;
  • Reasons of the public interest;
  • The outcome of the session of the National Transitional Council held on 10/06/2012.

has issued the following law:

Article (1)

The provisions of this law shall apply to the following positions and posts:

  1. Heads and members and diplomatic delegations, consuls, and representatives at regional and international organisations.
  2. Members of the diplomatic corps, and cultural, military, health, labour, commercial, and media attachés.
  3. Directors of public investment institutions and companies and their branches abroad.
  4. Branch heads of the Islamic Call Society abroad.
  5. Financial comptrollers.
  6. Directors of Libya training institutes, schools, and centres abroad.

Article (2)

In order to assume the positions mentioned in the previous article, the following conditions shall be met in addition to the conditions for appointment in the public service:

  1. He shall meet standards of integrity and patriotism.
  2. He shall be qualified to assume to position or post.
  3. He must have participated in the 17 February Revolution in some manner.
  4. He must not hold the nationality of the country to which he is being sent.
  5. Social justice shall be respected in appointment to positions, including the demographic and geographic composition of the country.

Article (3)

Any person who occupied the post of diplomatic delegation head, consul, representative to a regional or international organisation, or financial comptroller during the era of Muammar Gaddafi may not assume or continue to hold the positions mentioned in Article (1) for a period of ten years from the entry into force of this law.

Article (4)

This law shall enter into effect from its date of issuance, any contrary provision shall be repealed, and the competent bodies shall implement it.

Interim National Transitional Council – Libya

Issued in Tripoli

On Monday, 11/06/2012


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