Law No. (12) of 1994 on amending Law No. (47) of 1975 on prisons

Law No. (12) of 1423 FBP

amending Law No. (47) of 1375 FBP on prisons

The General People’s Congress:

In execution of the resolutions adopted by the Basic People’s Congresses in their ordinary session of 1403 FDP, corresponding to 1993 AD, and formulated by the General Forum of People’s Congresses, People’s Committees, syndicates, professional associations, and unions (the General People’s Congress) in its ordinary second session from 10 to 17 Shaaban 1403 FDP, corresponding to 22 to 29 January 1423 FBP;

And upon review of:

  • The Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People;
  • The Great Green Charter of Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era;
  • The Penal Code and its amendments;
  • The Code of Criminal Procedure and its amendments;
  • Law No. (47) of 1375 FBP on prisons.

drafted the following law:

Article (1)

Article (29) of Law No. (47) of 1375 FBP on prisons shall be amended as follows:

Article (29)

Labour shall be mandatory for all convicted prisoners whose health does not prevent them from doing such.

Prisoners may be employed outside of prison and labour camps in the same work conditions and manner of labour as inside the prison. The executive regulations shall determine the types and nature of the works they do, in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Law.

Prisoners may not be asked to work provisionally in works that are not related to their own affairs.

Article (2)

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and various media outlets, and shall enter into force from its date of issuance.


The General People’s Congress -- Libya

Issued in Sirte

On 17 Shaaban 1403 FDP

Corresponding to 29 January 1423 FBP