Decree No. (339) of 2013 on establishing Joint Security Operations Room in Tabruk

Cabinet Decree No. (339) of 2013

on forming the Joint Security Operations Room in Tobruk

The Cabinet

Upon review of:

  • The Constitutional Declaration and the amendments thereof;
  • Law No. (40) of 1974 on service in the Armed Forces;
  • Law No. (10) of 1992 on security and police;
  • Law No. (11) of 2012 on approving certain provisions pertaining to the powers of command levels in the Libyan Army;
  • Cabinet Decree No. (19) of 2013 on delegating certain functions to the Prime Minister;

has decided:

Article (1)

A security room called “Joint Operations Room” (JOR) shall be established to maintain security in border regions (Musaid – Jaghbub). The JOR shall be subordinate to the Cabinet and it shall work under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister. It shall be located in the city of Tobruk.

Article (2)

The JOR referred to in the previous article shall be composed of a chief, who shall be an army officer of the rank of colonel or above, an assistant chief from the officer ranks, with both being appointed by a decision issued by the Prime Minister, in addition to representatives of the following entities:

  1. Libyan Intelligence Service (LIS).
  2. National Security Directorate of Tobruk.
  3. Customs Department.
  4. Passport, Nationality, and Foreign Affairs Department.
  5. Illegal Immigration Department.
  6. Municipal Guard.
  7. Anti-Narcotics Department.
  8. Border Guard.
  9. Libyan Army units.

Article (3)

The JOR shall undertake the following:

  1. Take all necessary procedures and arrangements to maintain security in border regions (Musaid – Jaghbub) and other suburban areas of Tobruk so as to ensure the support and backup of the police and its contribution to security. For this purpose, the JOR may develop the necessary security plans in coordination with the concerned entities.
  2. Establish a legal mechanism for reporting, complaints, and gathering information thereon, and take the necessary legal procedures to refer the same to the Public Prosecution.
  3. Submit daily reports on major reported incidents and the measures taken to the Cabinet and the concerned entities in their regard.
  4. Assume absolute security control over Tobruk and its suburbs.
  5. Establish security posts to impose security and display it overtly.
  6. Fight illegal immigration, smuggling though customs, and drug trafficking.
  7. For the performance of its duties, the JOR shall be entitled to:
  8. Use all professional and technical means it deems necessary to perform its duties. All security entities concerned with the work of the JOR shall take urgent measures enabling the JOR to achieve its security goals.
  9. Coordinate with ministries and public entities to ensure the proper performance of the JOR duties in accordance with the schedule prepared by the JOR in this respect.
  10. Coordinate with civil society organisations and dignitaries of target areas, solicit their help and include them in the security plan as appropriate for the nature of their duties in a way that limits excessive use of force in order to protect lives and properties.
  11. Form a media team for the JOR to document infiltrations that are immediately detected. The JOR shall also have a media spokesperson who communicates with the media to clarify the missions and goals of the security plan.
  12. The JOR shall be entitled to resort to any person it deems necessary to carry out its missions.

Article (4)

At the technical level, JOR members shall be under the supervision of the JOR chief and his assistant.

Article (5)

Any entity with which JOR members are affiliated shall pay, each within its mandate, the salary and all other bonuses, financial benefits, and remunerations of their members in accordance with the legislation in force.

Article (6)

The JOR shall be composed of several organisational divisions determined by a decision issued by the JOR chief.

Article (7)

The provisions of this decree shall enter into force from its date of issuance, repealing any contrary provision. It shall be implemented by the concerned entities and published in the Official Gazette.

The Cabinet -- Libya

28 Shaaban 1434 AH

Corresponding to 7 July 2013 AD

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