Decree No. (180) of 2013 on establishing municipalities


Decree No. (180) of 2013 AD

on establishing municipalities


The Cabinet,


Upon review of:


  • The Constitutional Declaration and amendments thereto;
  • Law No. (59) of 2012 AD on the local administration system and the implementing regulations thereof;
  • Law No. (9) of 2013 AD amending Law No. (59) of 2012 AD on the local administration system;
  • The submission of the Minister of Local Governance in Letter No. (853) dated 30/03/2012 AD;
  • The minutes of the Cabinet's eleventh meeting of 2013 AD;


has decreed:


Article (1)

Municipalities shall be formed in the manner set out in the List annexed to this Decree, numbering ninety-nine (99) municipalities. The Cabinet may establish other municipalities in accordance with the requirements of the nature of actual work.


Article (2)

The geographical scope of each municipality shall be determined in a decree from the Cabinet, based on a submission from the Minister of Local Governance.


Article (3)

Each local council currently authorised shall continue to perform its duties until a municipal council is elected for the municipality.


Article (4)

This Decree shall enter into force on its date of issue and shall be implemented by the concerned bodies. Any provision contrary to those herein shall be repealed. This Decree shall be published in the Official Gazette.


The Cabinet – Libya


Issued on: 15 Jumada al-Akher 1434 AH

Corresponding to: 25/04/2013 AD

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