Resolution No. (31) of 2014 on assigning the head of the interim government to form a government

General National Congress

Resolution No. (31) of 2014 AD

on tasking the interim Prime Minister

to restructure the government


The General National Congress,


Upon review of:


  • The Constitutional Declaration issued by the National Transitional Council on 3 Ramadan 1432 AH, corresponding to 03/08/2011 AD, and amendments thereto;
  • The rules of procedure of the General National Congress;
  • General National Congress Resolution No. (23) of 2014 AD on assigning the interim prime minister;
  • The conclusions of the General National Congress in its ordinary meeting No. (182) held on Tuesday, 8 Jumada al-Akher 1435 AH, corresponding to 08/04/2014 AD;


issued the following Decree:


Article (1)

Mr. Abdullah Abdelrahman Al-Thani, Interim Prime Minister, shall be tasked with restructuring the government, ministers and deputy prime ministers, and submit such to the General National Congress one week from the issuance of this Resolution for a vote of confidence and to grant it the authorities vested therein by law.


Article (2)

This Resolution shall enter into force from the date of its issue and shall be published in the Official Gazette and the available media. It shall be implemented by the concerned parties and anything contrary thereto shall be repealed.


The General National Congress – Libya

Issued in Tripoli

On: 8 Jumada al-Akher 1435 AH

Corresponding to: 08/04/2014 AD

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