Decree No. (212) of 2012 on adopting certain provisions on the Diplomacy Studies Institute


Decree No. (212) of 2012 AD

on adopting certain provisions on the

Diplomacy Studies Institute


The Cabinet,


Upon review of:


  • The Constitutional Declaration;
  • The Law of the Financial System of the State, and the budget, accounts, and stores regulations and amendments thereto;
  • Law No. (43) of 1976 AD establishing the Diplomacy Studies Institute;
  • The Justice System Law;
  • Law No. (12) of 2010 AD on issuing the Labour Relations Law and the implementing regulations thereof;
  • National Transitional Council Decree No. (174) of 2011 AD on setting out the structure of the government;
  • National Transitional Council Decree No. (184) of 2011 AD on approving the transitional government;
  • Minister of Interior and International Cooperation Letter No. (352) dated 12/02/2012 AD;
  • The decrees of the Cabinet in its fifth ordinary meeting of 2012 AD;


has decreed:


Article (1)

The name of the Diplomacy Studies Institute shall be changed to the Diplomatic Institute for Capacity Building.


Article (2)

The Diplomatic Institute for Capacity Building shall be assigned the following competencies:

  1. Qualify and train cadres working at the Ministry of Interior, enhance their job performance, and enhance their academic and professional skills, in coordination with the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department at the Ministry Office.
  2. Qualify and train cadres working in the field of foreign affairs who are not employees of the Ministry of Interior and International Cooperation, at the request of the bodies affiliated thereto.
  3. Perform studies and research in diplomacy and international law. In doing so, it may engage in translation and publishing activities in fields related to diplomacy.
  4. Strengthen relations and ties with academies, institutes, and counterpart institutions in other countries and regional and international organisations.
  5. Propose sending certain employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attend diplomacy training courses provided at specialised diplomatic academies and institutes abroad.
  6. Hold training sessions for wives and children of diplomats sent to work abroad, as required by the nature of the work.

To achieve its goals, the Institute may hold qualification and training sessions and organise conferences, symposiums, workshops, and lectures.


Article (3)

This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its issue and any provision that conflicts herewith shall be repealed. The concerned bodies shall enforce this Decree and it shall be published in the Official Gazette.


The Cabinet – Libya


Issued on 13 Rabi' al-Akhera 1433 AH

Corresponding to: 05/05/2012 AD


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