Decree No. (55) of 2012 on accepting a resignation

National Transitional Council

Decree No. (55) of 2012 AD

on accepting a resignation


The Interim National Transitional Council,


Upon review of:


·       The Declaration of the Victory of the 17 February Revolution issued on 22 February 2011 AD;

·       The Decree forming the Interim National Transitional Council and specifying the competencies thereof;

·       The Council's Rules of Procedure and internal regulations;

·       The Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011 AD and amendments thereto;

·       Chairman of the Sabratha Local Council Letter No. M.S.1/5/22471 dated 25/06/2012 AD;

·       The minutes the Interim National Transitional Council's meeting held on Tuesday, 26/06/2012 AD;


has decreed:


Article (1)

The resignation of Mr. Yousef Abu Al-Qasem Musa, member of the Sabratha Local Council shall be accepted effective as of the date of its submission.


Article (2)

This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its issue. The concerned bodies shall implement this Resolution and it shall be published in the Official Gazette.


The Interim National Transitional Council – Libya


Issued in Tripoli on Tuesday,

26/06/2012 AD


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