Law No. (15) of 2013 on amending Law No. (36) of 1968 on Civil Status


Law No. (15) of 2013

Amending Law No. (36) of 1968

On Civil Status

The General National Congress

Upon review of:

  • The interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011 and its amendments;
  • The rules of procedure of the General National Congress (GNC);
  • The Code of Civil and Commercial Procedure and its amendments;
  • Law No. (36) of 1968 on Civil Status;
  • The results of the GNC in its session held on Sunday 8 Shaaban 1434 AH corresponding to 10 June 2013 AD;

Issued the following law:

Article (1)

The amendment issued under Law No. (7) of 1428 AD shall be abolished.

Article (2)

Except for what is provided in the relevant legislation in force, pleas of res judicata may not be entered in cases to modify the date of birth when the relevant rulings were issued between 01/01/1979 and 31/12/1989.

Article (3)

The provisions of this law shall enter into force from the date of issuance and any contrary provision shall be repealed. The law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

General National Congress -- Libya

Issued in Tripoli

17 June 2013