Law No. (22) of 2012 amending a provision in Law No. (6) of 2006 on the judicial system

Law No. (22) of 2012

amending a provision of Law No. (6) of 2006 on the Judicial System

The National Transitional Council

Upon review of:

  • The Victory Statement of the 17 February Revolution issued on 22 February 2011;
  • The decision forming the interim National Transitional Council and determining its powers;
  • The bylaws of the National Transitional Council and its internal regulation;
  • The Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011;
  • Law No. 6 of 2006 issuing the Justice System Law and its amendments;
  • Based on the proposal of the president of the Supreme Judicial Council.
  • The results of the National Transitional Council session held on Sunday, 18/03/2012;

issued the following law:

Article 1:

The text of Article 16 of the aforementioned Law No. (6) of 2006 shall be replaced as follows:

The establishment of courts of first instance and determining their locations and jurisdiction shall be effected by a decree from the Council at the proposal of its president.

Each court of first instance shall be composed of a president and a sufficient number of judges, who may include judges of the grade of deputy judge and court president. When such courts are convened as appellate bodies, rulings shall be issued by three judges, two of whose grade may not be lower than that of first-grade judge. In other cases, rulings shall be issued by a single judge.

Article (2)

This law shall enter into force from its date of issuance, and it shall be published in the Official Gazette.

National Transitional Council – Libya

Issued in Tripoli

Date: 18/03/2012