Law No. (58) of 2012 amending some provisions of Law No. (6) of 2006 on the judicial system

Law No. (58) of 2012

amending some provisions of Law No. (6) of 2006 on the judicial system

The Interim National Transitional Council

Upon review of:

  • The Victory Statement of the 17 February Revolution issued on 23/10/2012;
  • The interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011, and the amendments thereof;
  • The rules of procedures of the Interim National Transitional Council, and the internal regulation thereof;
  • Law No. (6) of 1982 on reorganising the Supreme Court and the amendments thereof;
  • Law No. (30) of 2010 on medical insurance;
  • Law No. (13) of 1980 on social security and the amendments thereof;
  • And based on the proposal the Minister of Justice dated 01/07/2012;

issued the following law:

Article (1)

Article (104) of Law No. (6) of 2006 on the judiciary shall be amended as follows:

The judicial body member whose service is terminated due to attaining the legal age or lack of fitness shall receive a retirement pension amounting to 70% of his last salary if his pensionable service is of twenty years. If the duration of service exceeds twenty years, this percentage shall increase by 1% for each year on the basis of the last salary.

If active judicial body members receive a salary increase, the retiree pension shall increase by the same percentage. For matters not covered by this law, the judicial body shall be subject to the laws and regulations related to general retirement provisions.

Article (2)

This law shall enter into force from the date of entry into force of Law No. (33) of 2012 issued on 11 June 2012. It shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Interim National Transitional Council – Libya

Issued in Tripoli

Thursday 18/7/2012