Law No. (20) of 1962 on transferring some convicted women to special correctional centers

Law No. (20) of 1962

transferring some female convicts to special correctional centres 

We, Idriss I, King of the United Kingdom of Libya:

The Senate and the Cabinet decided the following law and we approved and issued it:

Article (1)

In the case of women proved to have committed one of the offenses set forth in Articles (409), (415), and (417) bis, Paragraphs (a) and (b), vagrants who corrupt morals as a way of life, and female suspects who have been convicted or seriously accused of incitement to crimes of prostitution and debauchery more than once, judges may rule, instead of handing down sentences of imprisonment or custody, to place them in special correctional centres until it is ordered to release them. The duration of stay in correctional centres may not be less than six months and not more than three years.

Article (2)

Orders to release convicted females from correctional centres shall be issued by a joint committee formed by the President of the Court of Appeal, the Head of the Public Prosecution of the province, and the director of the reformatory, if the committee finds that the behaviour of the convicted female concerned gives reason for trust that she will return to the right path. The committee shall issue its decisions by consensus.

Article (3)

In the event a female is detained provisionally after she is accused of committing one of the offenses set forth in Article (1), the Public Prosecution may order that the detention duration be served in one of the aforementioned special correctional centres.

Article (4)

The organisation of the aforementioned correctional centres shall be governed by a decree issued by the Minister of Justice, after consultation with the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, and it shall include taking the measures needed to correct the morals and ethics of women, provide them with a good religious education, and train them for beneficial works and crafts that prepare them for a decent life after their release.

Article (5)

Until the aforementioned correctional centres are prepared in each province, the penalties stipulated in the Penal Code and the law of vagrants and suspects shall be applied.

Article (6)

The Ministers of Justice and Social Affairs, each within their mandate, shall implement this law. This law shall enter into force from its date of publication in the Official Gazette.


Issued in Dar al-Salam al-Amer 

On 25 Dhu al-Qaada 1381 AH

Corresponding to 1 May 1962 AD

By the order of the King

(Muhammad Oman Said)

Prime Minister

 (Wahbi al-Bouri)                                                                             (Abdulmawla Langi)

Minister of Justice                                                    Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

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