Decree No. (165) of 2012 on forming a committee and defining its functions


Prime Minister

Decree No. (165) of 2012

on forming a committee and determining its functions

The Prime Minister,

Upon review of:

  • The Constitutional Declaration;
  • Law No. (19) of 2010 on combatting illegal immigration;
  • National Transitional Council Decree No. (184) of 2011 on adopting a transitional government;
  • And for the requirements of public interest;

has decreed:

Article (10)

A committee shall be formed, as follows:

  1. Delegate from the Ministry of Interior – President
  2. Delegate from the Prime Minister’s Office – Member
  3. Delegate from the Ministry of Justice – Member
  4. Delegate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Member
  5. Delegate from the Border Guard in the Ministry of Defence – Member
  6. Delegate from the Bar – member

The delegates shall be appointed by virtue of a decree issued by the competent minister or a person with the powers thereof.

Article (2)

The committee formed by Article (1) of this Decree shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Review organising treaties and legislation for illegal migration, whether international or national.
  2. Evaluate the procedures taken to combat illegal migration to stop problems and difficulties faced by those working in this field; propose the necessary solutions therefor while observing the relevant international laws and treaties entered into with foreign states to cooperate in combatting illegal migration.
  3. Specify the responsibility of the Libyan state, as well as the responsibility of the states from which migration originates and those welcoming migrants.
  4. Specify the national and international organisations working on the matter; evaluate their position; propose means and methods to work therewith.

Article (3)

The committee shall submit an integrated report presenting the results of its functions during a minimum period of two weeks from the date of this decree’s entry into force. It shall have recourse to all persons necessary to perform its tasks.

Article (4)

This decree shall enter into force from its date of issuance and any provision contrary thereto shall be revoked. The competent bodies shall implement it.

Dr. Abdurrahim El-Keib – Libya

Prime Minister

Issued on: 21 Rajab 1433 AH

Corresponding to: 11/06/2011 AD



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