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Part I: Constitutional Framework

Constitutional Amendment No. (2) of 2012

Constitutional Amendment No. (2) of 2012

Upon review of:

The Constitutional Declaration issued on 3/8/2012 AD,

Law No. 3/2012 concerning the High National Election Commission,

The memorandum of the High National Election Commission submitted to the National Transitional Council on 10/6/2012,

The minutes of the National Transitional Council session held on Sunday 10/6/2012 AD,

It has been decided:

Article (1)

The third paragraph of Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration shall be amended as follows:

The General National Congress shall be elected within two hundred and seventy days as of the Liberation Declaration.

Interim National Transitional Council- Libya Tripoli

10/6/2012 AD

Text Type:Constitutional Law
Text number:02
Text date:2012-06-10
Institution:National Transitional Council (NTC)
Gazette number:15
Gazette date:2012-08-23
Gazette pages:873 - 873

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