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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Decree No. (1) of 2016 establishing an interim committee to facilitate the implementation of security arrangements

Decree No. (1) of 2016 establishing an interim committee

to facilitate the implementation of security arrangements

The Presidential Council

Upon review of:

  • The interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011, and its amendments;
  • The Libyan Political Agreement signed on 17 December 2015;
  • Annex No. (6) of the Libyan Political Agreement;
  • The conclusions of the Presidential Council in its first session held on 12/01/2016.

decided the following:

Article (1)

A temporary committee is to be created to facilitate the implementation of the security arrangements, consisting of:

  1. Staff Brigadier-General / Abdelrahman Omran al-Taweel. President
  2. Staff Colonel / Hamad Ahmed Mohamed Abboud. Member
  3. Colonel / Omar Abdelsalam Ahmed al-Hasnawy. Member
  4. Staff Colonel / Younis Mohamed Fadeel al-Abdaly. Member
  5. Technical Colonel / Mokhtar Milad Mohamed al-Nakasa. Member
  6. Colonel / Omar Mohamed Omar Zweyher. Member
  7. Colonel / Abu al-Kassem al-Amin Ali. Member
  8. Colonel / Mohamed Ibrahim Omar Shabon. Member
  9. Colonel / Awheda Abdallah Awheda Najm. Member

10. Colonel / Mohamed Ibrahim Salem Moussa. Member

11. Colonel / Ibrahim Masoud Mahfouz Abdallah. Member

12. Colonel / Khaled Mohamed Omar al-Baseer. Member

13. Colonel / Hussein Nasr al-Elwany. Member

14. Lieutenant-Colonel / Adel Mohialdeen Mansour al-Kefaly. Member

15. Lieutenant-Colonel / Abdalhakim Moftah Emhemed al-Warfally. Member

16. Police Colonel (Retired) / Mahmoud Ibrahim Dow al-Sharif. Member

17. Captain (Retired) / Emhemed Ali Mohamed al-Wakhi. Member

18. Legal Advisor / Abdelrahman al-Bahlool Omar al-Jetlawi. Member

Article (2)

The Committee established as per the previous Article of this Decree will be responsible for the following functions until the formation of the National Accord Government is complete:

  1. Initiate the preliminary arrangements for the implementation of Article (34) of the aforementioned Libyan Political Agreement.
  2. Devise and implement appropriate plans for security structures and security forces, including effective measures to establish authority and control.
  3. Oversee the development of a plan to secure cities, starting with the capital and in coordination with the relevant security institutions.
  4. Approve the work methods and rules of engagement that are specific to the Army, the Police and armed formations, including their disciplinary and penal procedures.
  5. Monitor and follow-up with the implementation and effectiveness of the aforementioned arrangements, and remedy any shortcomings.
  6. Any other task requested from it by the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord that falls under the implementation of the security arrangements provided in the Libyan Political Agreement and its Annexes.
  7. Assign its tasks to, after its establishment, a “committee” to monitor the implementation of the temporary security arrangements that appear in Article (37) of the Libyan Political Agreement, or to any other relevant public institution, as determined by the Government of National Accord.

Article (3)

The Committee will periodically report to the President of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord every three days, starting from its first meeting, which must be convened within three days from this Decree’s date of issuance.

Article (4)

The Committee will resort to any means it finds appropriate for the success of its tasks, pending the approval of the Presidential Council.

Article (5)

The provisions of this law shall enter into effect from its date of issuance, any contrary provision shall be repealed.

The Presidential Council

Issued on 13 / 01 / 2016

Text Type:Decree
Text number:01
Text date:2016-01-13
Institution:Head of State

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