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Part II: Legislative Authorities: Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector

Decree No. (275) of 1994 on the rules for exceptional promotion of members of the police force

The General People’s Committee for Justice and Public Security

Decree No. (275) of 1423 FBP on the Rules of the Exceptional Promotion

of Police Members


The General People’s Committee for Justice and Public Security,
Upon review of:

  • Law No. (10) of 1992 AD on the Security

and Police;

  • The Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Justice and Public Security Decree No. (379) of 1982 AD on the Award of Incentive

Promotion to Policemen;

  • The minutes of the first meeting of the General People’s Committee for Justice and Public Security in

1423 FBP,


has decreed the following:


Article (1)

Subject to the provisions of Article (30) of Law No. (10) of 1992 AD referenced above, a member of the Police, including the deputy officer, may be awarded an exceptional promotion without complying with the conditions to be satisfied for the award of promotion, in the following cases: 

1. Performing acts or giving information, leading to uncovering an act or a crime that would undermine the security of the Greater Jamahiriya; 

2. Presenting research or engaging in any activities or acts that contribute to the development of the management systems, enhance performance or innovation or have positive impact on the Greater Jamahiriya’s reputation; 

3. Performing acts or giving information that result in saving lives or preventing an imminent hazard that could have occurred to vital targets and caused significant material losses; 

4. Exerting an effort or performing an act demonstrating courage, sacrifice or extraordinary shrewdness to uncover a dangerous or ambiguous crime(s) or a crime that has adversely influenced the public opinion; 

5. Performing acts that show rare loyalty or integrity or extraordinary keenness on applying the law and performing duties; or 

6. Maintaining vehicles, equipment, machinery and various transport means in good conditions beyond their useful life by at least 50%.


Article (2)

In addition to the availability of any of the cases listed above, the award of an exceptional promotion to a member of the Police shall be conditional upon the following:

1. The Police member has not been in the current rank for at least half the period prescribed as a minimum for the promotion; and

2. The Police member shall be awarder only two exceptional promotions throughout the service.


Article (3)

For the implementation of this Decree, a committee shall be formed by a decision of the Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Justice and Public Security. Such committee shall be chaired by an officer holding the rank of a “colonel” or higher and have three members holding the rank of a “major” or higher. The committee shall be responsible for verifying the satisfaction of the conditions stipulated herein by the members of the Police nominated for an exceptional promotion. An exceptional promotion shall be awarded by a decision of the entity concerned with awarding regular promotions.


Article (4)

An exceptional promotion may not be combined with any incentive award for the same act performed by the member of the Police.


Article (5)

The Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Justice Decree No. (793) of 1982 AD referred to above, as amended, as well as any other provision to contrary of the provisions of this Decree, shall be repealed.


Article (6)

This Decree shall enter into force as of the date of its issuance and shall be implemented by the competent bodies and published in the official gazette.


The General People’s Committee for Justice and Public Security

Issued on: 15 Dhul Hijjah 1403 FDP

Corresponding to: 26/05/1423 FBP

Text Type:Decree
Text number:275
Text date:1994-05-26
Institution:General People's Committee

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