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Part IX: Civil Society and Informal Oversight of the Security Sector

Decree No. (37) of 2012 on establishing Radio and Television Corporation

President of the National Transitional Council

Decree No. (37) of 2012

on the establishment of the Radio and Television Corporation

The President of the National Transitional Council

Upon review of:

  • The Victory Declaration of the 17 February Revolution issued on 22 February 2011;
  • The decision forming the Interim National Transitional Council and determining its powers;
  • The rules of procedure of the National Transitional Council, and its internal regulation;
  • The Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011, and the amendments thereof;
  • National Transitional Council Resolution No. (194) of 2011 amending National Transitional Council Resolution No. (172) of 2011 on establishing bodies subordinate to the government.

has decreed:

Article (1)

A public institution called the Radio and Television Corporation shall be established.

Article (2)

The following channels shall be joined thereto:

– Al-Shababiyah

– Al-Riyadiya

– Al-Hidaya

– Libya’s Channel

– Libya Al-Wataniya

– Media Centre

Article (3)

The channels mentioned in the previous article shall be administered by steering committees as follows:


– Ibtisam Abdel Mawla

– Hassan al-Urfi

– Amal al-Arbeshi

Media Centre:

– Fathi al-Sherif

– Hatem al-Areibi

– Abdel al-Farjani

Libya’s Channel:

– Ezzedine Ghaith

– Ziyad al-Taif

– Mohammed Shamila

Libya al-Wataniya:

– al-Badi al-Bakoush

– Hassan al-Glai

– Anwar al-Belazi

– Faraj bin Ghazzi

– Osama al-Sawisi


– Ezzedine Beleid

– Yusuf Lamari Mohammed

– Rafi al-Hudairi

Radio Misratah:

– Ramadan Maiteeq

Sheikh Mohammed al-Shaybani is assigned to administer al-Hidaya.

Article (4)

The powers of the channel’s steering committees and the specializations and duties of the channels shall be determined by subsequent decisions by the National Transitional Council.

Article (5)

This decree shall enter into force from its date of issuance, and the relevant bodies shall implement it.

Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil

President of the National Transitional Council – Libya

Issued in Tripoli

On 2012

Text Type:Decree
Text number:37
Text date:2012-05-19
Institution:President of the National Transitional Council
Gazette number:16
Gazette date:2012-09-09
Gazette pages:983 - 985

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