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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Decree No. (42) of 2014 on forming a military force and lifting the siege of oil ports

Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Army

Decree No. (42-D) of 2014

on forming a military force and lifting the siege of oil ports

The Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Army

Upon review of:

  • The Constitutional Declaration of the 17 February Revolution, and the amendments thereof;

In accordance with the powers stipulated by the following laws:

  • Law No. (40) of 1974 on military service, and the amendments thereof;
  • Law No. (22) of 1428 on guard and protection;
  • Law No. (11) of 2012 on approving provisions pertaining to the powers of command levels in the Libyan Army;
  • General National Congress Resolution No. (4) of 2014 declaring the state of alert and general mobilisation;
  • General National Congress Resolution No. (6) of 2014 mandating the Chairman of the General National Congress and his deputies to manage the urgent security situation;
  • Aware of the importance of security and safety, the need to respect legitimacy, and the resolve to establish a state of law and fight the inciters of sedition, destruction, and chaos;
  • Asserting the unswerving priority of protecting Libya’s security and stability;
  • Seeking to overcome the challenges imposed on us, and taking into consideration the public interest;

has decreed:

Article (1)

An armed military force shall be composed of Libyan Army units, legitimate revolutionaries in military regions (Tubruq/ Jabal al-Akhdar/ Benghazi/ al-Kufrah/ Sabha/ Sirte/ Misrata/ Tripoli/ Nafusa Mountains/ western region), and guard units of oil facilities and vital targets, to assume the duty of liberating oil ports, lifting their siege, returning them under the control of the State, and continue to guard, protect, secure, and defend them.

Article (2)

The Chief of the General Staff of the Libyan Army shall assemble and coordinate such force and undertake the proper planning in this regard. The primary point of assembly and positioning shall be in Sirte, al-Jufrah, and Ajdabiya.

Article (3)

The actual military operations of this mission shall start within one week from the issuance of this decree.

Article (4)

In compliance with the declaration of a state of alert and general mobilisation, the prime minister and the minister of defence are required to meet all the needs of this force and provide all the necessary capacities to perform the mission assigned thereto under this decree.

Article (5)

This decree shall enter into force from the date of its issuance.

Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Army

Issued on 08/03/2014

Text Type:Decree
Text number:42
Text date:2014-03-08
Institution:Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army

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