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Part II: Legislative Authorities: Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector

Decree No. (66) of 1967 on approving the agreement on friendship and good-neighbourliness between the governments of the Kingdom of Libya and the Republic of Chad

Agreement on Friendship and Good-Neighbourliness

between the governments of the Kingdom of Libya and the Republic of Chad

The governments of the Kingdom of Libya and the Republic of Chad, out of their desire to organise and promote friendship and good-neighbourliness relations, have agreed as follows:

Article (1)

The governments of the Kingdom of Libya and the Republic of Chard undertake to make all necessary arrangements to ensure the preservation of order and security on the dividing border between the two countries through the communication and cooperation of the security authorities therein. These arrangements shall not affect the right to asylum recognised in accordance with the rules of international custom.

Article (2)

The governments of the Kingdom of Libya and the Republic of Chard shall pledge to facilitate the movement of residents living on either side of the dividing border between the two countries inside the designated geographic area in the following locations:

In the territory of the Kingdom of Libya:

Kufra – Qatrun – Murzuk – Ubari – Ghat

In the territory of the Kingdom of Chad:

Zawar – Largeau – Fada

Article (3)

When moving between the two countries, merchants and caravans, including traditional ones, shall abide by the following legal corridors:

  1. The Zawar – Bardai – Aouzou – Kufra road, in both directions.
  2. The Largeau – Zawar – Woor Korizo – Qatrun road, in both direction.
  3. The Fada – N’Djamena – Kufra road, in both directions.

Article (4)

Border permits shall be granted on the basis of the request of individuals by the administrative authorities to which they are subordinate in the border areas stipulated in Article (2) of this agreement. This shall be granted after displaying identity cards, and the permits shall only be valid if accompanied by identity cards.

Article (5)

Transit permits shall be issued in both Arabic and French in accordance with the attached form.

They shall be valid for a minimum period of three months and shall be personal. Wives and children under sixteen years of age accompanying the head of the family bearing a permit shall be exempt from carrying permits. The names thereof shall be contained in the permit.

The validity of the permit shall be limited to the geographic area stipulated in Article (2) of this agreement. In other areas, each traveller shall carry a valid passport in accordance with the laws and regulations in effect in each of the two contracting countries.

Article (6)

It is imperative that persons carrying border permits observe and respect the laws and regulations in effect in the country in which they are located, in particular those related to public order and security.

Article (7)

Libyan and Chadian border authorities shall take all necessary measures to prevent the commission of crimes, prohibit smuggling, and monitor violators.

Article (8)

Temporary joint committees shall be formed to address the differences that may arise due to the implementation of the provisions of this agreement. The committees shall be composed of an equal number of members from both contracting parties and shall meet in the time and place agreed upon by both parties. Decrees issued thereby shall be effective unless challenged by the competent authorities in either area within a period of two months from the date of issuance thereof.

Article (9)

The implementation of this agreement shall begin on a provisional basis from the date of its signing. It shall enter into effect on a final basis after the completion of ratification procedures in its regard in accordance with the constitutional procedures in both contracting countries.

The validity thereof shall continue unless either party notifies the other party in writing of its desire to end the same. In this event, the validity of the agreement shall end one year after the date of this notification. It may also be amended by virtue of the agreement of the two parties.

This agreement was concluded in the city of Western Tripoli on Wednesday corresponding to 02/March/1966 in two original copies in Arabic and French, both of which shall be equal in force.

On behalf of the government of the Kingdom of Libya

Ahmed Swidek

Minister of Economy and Trade

On behalf of the government of the Republic of Chad

Abdallah al-Amana

Minister of Economy and Transport


Transit Permit Form

Name and title

Date and place of birth

Father’s name

Mother’s name




Place of residence

Purpose for travel

Transported goods

Period of validity

Date of issue


Signature and stamp

Text Type:Law
Text number:66
Text date:1967-12-23
Institution:General People's Committee

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