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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Decree No. (66) of 2014 on re-forming a committee and determining its functions

Minister of Justice

Decree No. (66) of 2014

on re-forming a committee and determining its functions

The Minister of Justice

Upon review of:

  • The Constitutional Declaration and the amendments thereof;
  • Law No. (6) of 2006 on the judiciary, and the amendments thereof;
  • Law No. (12) of 2010 issuing the law on labour relations, and the executive regulation thereof;
  • General National Congress Resolution No. (9) of 2012 on the appointment of a prime minister and mandating him to form the interim government;
  • General National Congress Resolution No. (10) of 2012 on granting the interim government the vote of confidence;
  • Cabinet Decree No. (50) of 2012 on approving the organizational structure and competences of the Ministry of Justice and regulating the executive unit thereof;
  • Minister of Justice Decision No. (550) of 2012 on establishing the first action group of civil society activists;
  • Public interest requirements, and considering the fundamental role played by the Committee through civil society and its position;

has decided:

Article (1)

The composition of the Committee of Civil Society Activists established by Decision No. (550) of 2012 shall be re-formed as follows:

  1. Mr Albashti Ibrahim al-Zahouf, Chairman.
  2. Mr Abdessalam Mohammed al-Zib, Deputy Chairman.
  3. Mr Fawzi Abul Qasem al-Balaazi, member.
  4. Mr Ismael Abdullah al-Boueishi, member.
  5. Mr Abdul Basit Mustafa Bachna, member.
  6. Mr Kamel Hassan Abou Kandil, member.
  7. Mr Mohammed al-Fituri al-Hanish, member.
  8. Mr Hassan al-Hadi Hawisa, member.
  9. Mr Ramadan Mohammed Hafiza, member.

10. Mr Abdul Hakim Omar al-Ahrash, member.

11. Mr Mahmood al-Shawesh, member.

12. Mr Abdul Basit Ashour al-Qadi, member.

13. Mr Abdurrahman Hussein Darbouk, member.

14. Mr Abdessalam Ali al-Furdag, member.

15. Mr Najmeddin Assayed Gzema, member.

16. Mr Khalid Mustafa al-Shak, member.

17. Mr Osman al-Bashir Shanabi, member.

18. Mr Abdul Fattah Abul Qassem Daboub, member.

19. Mr Issam Mawloud Shawesh, member.

20. Mr Ayman Ibrahim as-Saghir, member.

21. Mr Abu Ageila al-Kawni al-Khathrawi, member.

22. Mr Ramadan Miloud al-Lahab, member.

23. Mr Khalid Yousef al-Quzaiti, member.

24. Mr Osama Omar al-Lahab, member.

25. Mr Abdul Basit Abu Ageila Shewa, member.

26. President of the local council, “in the capacity of” member.

27. President of Shura Council, “in the capacity of” member.

Article (2)

The committee will work under the name “National Committee for Prisoner Support and Prison Monitoring” in Zawiya.

Article (3)

The committee shall assume the following duties:

  1. Open a dialogue and carry out various activities aimed at creating a State of rights, law, justice, institutions, and respect for human rights.
  2. Settle the status of prisoners who did not commit dangerous crimes, in coordination with the victims, in accordance with the law and Sharia, and by mutual consent.
  3. Actuate the cases of some prisoners who have not been interrogated.
  4. Endeavour as much as possible to enforce the law of transitional justice and national reconciliation.
  5. Assist the Ministry in submitting proposals for the renovation and maintenance of the region’s institutions, and assist the entities in charge of execution during the work of renovation and maintenance.
  6. Provide inmates with statements of their detention period before their referral to the Prosecution in order to submit the same to their work entities in accordance with laws and regulations.
  7. Help the judicial police and institutional departments to assume their responsibilities in the best possible manner.
  8. Assist the Ministry in building a modern prison in Zawiya in coordination with the city’s concerned entities.
  9. Assist the Public Prosecution and the court in solving problems and obstacles faced while transporting prisoners or solving problems inside the court complex.

10. Communicate with wanted persons inside and outside the country, and help them settle their status in cooperation with the competent entities.

Article (4)

The committee chairman shall submit monthly reports on the committee’s work progress to the assistant deputy of the State of law and human rights.

Article (5)

The term of the committee shall be two years starting on 01/01/2014 and ending on 31/12/2015.

Article (6)

This decision shall enter into force from its date of issuance and it shall be implemented by the concerned entities.

Salah Bashir al-Marghani

Minister of Justice


Text Type:Decree
Text number:66
Text date:2014-01-16
Institution:Ministry of Justice

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