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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Decree No. (693) of 2008 on adopting the organisational structure of the General Information Authority

General People’s Committee

Decree No. (693) of 1376 FDP (2008 AD)

approving the organizational structure of the General Authority for Information

The General People’s Committee:

Upon review of:

  • Law No. (1) of 1375 FDP on on the rule of procedure of the People’s Congresses and the People’s Committees, and the implementing regulations thereof;
  • General People’s Committee Decree No. (282) of 1374 FDP restructuring the General Authority for Information;
  • General People’s Committee Decree No. (16) of 1375 FDP approving the organizational structure of the General Authority for Information;
  • General People’s Committee Decree No. (174) of 1376 FDP forming the administrative board of the General Authority for Information;
  • The submission of the Secretary of the People’s Committee for the General Authority for Information in Letter No. 1/228 Sh. E. dated 3/2/1374 FDP;
  • General People’s Committee for Manpower, Training, and Employment Letter No. (2829) dated 22/10/1376 FDP;
  • The decrees issued by the General People’s Committee in its twenty-first ordinary meeting of 1376 FDP;

has decreed:

Article (1)

The organizational structure of the General Authority for Information appended hereto shall hereby be approved.

Article (2)

General People’s Committee Decree No. (16) of 1375 FDP approving the organizational structure of the Information Authority shall be repealed.

Article (3)

This decree shall enter into force on the date of its issuance. Any provision that conflicts with the provisions hereof shall be repealed. This decree shall be implemented by all concerned bodies.

The General People’s Committee – Libya

Issued on 4 Muharram

Corresponding to: 31/12/2008 AD

Organizational Structure

appended to General People’s Committee Decree No. ( )

of 1376 FDP (2008 AD) approving the organizational structure

of the General Authority for Information

Article (1)

The General Authority for Information shall exercise the competencies assigned thereto pursuant to the aforementioned General People’s Decree No. (282) of 1374 FDP (2007 AD) and the legislation in force, through its organizational structure, consisting of the following divisions:

  1. Departments:
  1. Statistics and Census Department
  2. National Information System Department
  3. Administrative and Financial Affairs Department
  1. Divisions appendant to the Secretary:
  1. Coordination and Follow-up Office
  2. Legal Affairs and Contracts Office
  3. Planning and Quality Office
  4. Internal Audit Office
  5. Media and Translation Office
  6. Scientific Consulting Committee

Article (2)

The organizational divisions listed in the preceding Article shall directly assume the competencies provided for each, as follows:

  1. Department competencies
  1. Statistics and Census Department

The Statistics and Census Department shall perform its duties through the following competencies:

    • Collect and sort statistical data on births, deaths, marriages, and divorces, and prepare an annual publication of vital statistics.
    • Adapt international standards on censuses to be in line with local conditions and track international recommendations issued in this regard.
    • Prepare population estimates for the Jamahiriya.
    • Prepare studies on fertility and mortality in order to create life expectancy tables.
    • Prepare time series on vital and population statistics and the necessary comparative studies.
    • Collect and sort statistics on foreign trade.
    • Prepare the foreign trade index and balance of trade.
    • Conduct studies on foreign trade statistics and prepare a summary thereof.
    • Prepare studies on foreign trade trends.
    • Prepare studies on per capita earnings.
    • Prepare time series of foreign trade statistics and indices, and prepare comparative studies.
    • Collect and sort published data on conversion industries for businesses with ten and more employees annually.
    • Collect and sort data on conversion industries for small businesses with less than ten workers every two years.
    • Collect data and sort statistics on businesses working in the building and construction sector.
    • Collect and sort statistics on the oil industry and extraction.
    • Collect and sort statistics on the production and distribution of electricity, gas, and water.
    • Collect and sort data on retail commodity prices.
    • Collect and sort wholesale commodity prices.
    • Construct the index on retail and wholesale commodity prices.
    • Prepare tables and reports to help analyse price data.
    • Calculate the relative importance of the terms of agreement through household surveys and try to update them annually.
    • Work to conduct studies on price data of farm requirements.
    • Prepare and keep time series on price statistics and indices thereof.
    • Prepare studies and research in light of the results of censuses and general and ongoing surveys and other works performed by the Statistics and Census Department, within the administrative scope of the regions.
    • Prepare indexes on economic and social sectors, such as: agriculture, industry, education, tourism, health, finance, utilities, media, energy, transportation, manpower, sports, economy and trade, justice, public security, planning, macroeconomics, population, and demographics.
    • Prepare studies on macroeconomics and population and demographic studies.
    • Prepare papers on the global economy with the aim of comparing the performance of the Libyan economy.
    • Prepare studies on certain social and economic phenomena that impact development paths and Libyan society and require conducting random sampling surveys, in cooperation with the Statistics and Census Department.
    • Prepare the national report on human development in accordance with millennium development goals and indicators.
    • Directly implement, maintain, amend, and develop software in the cases requiring such and work to record and prepare statistical information related to the various surveys and censuses done by the Authority, in coordination with the National Information System Department.
  1. National Information System Department

The National Information System Department shall perform its duties through the following competencies:

    • Guidance, raising awareness, and familiarization with the data and information available at the Authority and the entities working therewith, and assist researchers and students on how to use databases and research their inquiries.
    • Regulate the flow of data and information between the various information and documentation centres in the Great Jamahiriya and abroad and link them within the framework of the national information network.
    • Prepare the guide and national information system inputs and outputs so as to ensure the achievement and implementation of its goals in cooperation with the sector centres in the districts, institutions, and public authorities.
    • Manage and monitor the update of the General Authority for Information’s website.
    • Design and release the books and publications issued by the Authority, and publish them electronically.
    • Document by using various means such as visual, audio, microform, and laser disc, and undertake all the technical and regulatory processes required for the documented materials and methods of their preservation and use.
    • Study the Authority’s needs for books, references, periodicals, publications, and reports related to its activities and work to collect them from their source, index and catalogue them, and organize their keeping in designated locations.
    • Manage the national archive of administrative documents and information and categorize and keep them electronically so as to facilitate referral thereto when needed.
    • Prepare criteria on similar libraries in Libya and abroad and the contents thereof, and coordinate and link with them.
    • Manage the Authority’s library and undertake distribution, borrowing activities, and regulation of their use.
    • Review, categorize, and sort all publications, brochures, and periodicals received from their Arab and foreign sources, and provide the various organizational divisions of the Authority with them or with a summary of their contents, as the case may be, in order that they may be used to improve the studies and research at the General Authority for Information.
    • Distribute publications and newspapers and circulate the materials published in the official Legal Register among specialists at the Authority.
    • Document literature on the revolution and Authority of the People, collect and categorize information and documents related thereto and keep them electronically so as to make them available for use in political, economic, and social studies fields and for academic research within the Great Jamahiriya and abroad.
    • Establish and manage databases and work to coordinate on such with local and international entities to make them easier to use.
    • Study, analyse, and implement IT applications in Authority activities and prepare feasibility reports and detailed studies and plans for their application at the Authority.
    • Prepare the technical specifications for the installations and software required for the applications needed by the Authority, conduct safety tests, and perform training thereon.
    • Provide technical and security oversight and protection of the Authority’s information networks.
    • Record, prepare, and keep data and retrieve results therefrom electronically, operate and conduct training on electronic equipment, and perform the required technical safety and maintenance operations and procedures.
    • Perform the engineering and technical aspects of installing electronic equipment and computer networks in the Authority, undertake preventative, periodic, and emergency maintenance operations, and identify and provide the spare parts needed to operate it and extend its life.
    • Contribute to improving and spreading the use of information technology, computers, and other equipment for documentation, preservation, and retrieval in public authorities and institutions, with the aim of spreading and expanding the rule of ideal use of its applications in the Great Jamahiriya.
    • Theoretical and academic training for workers at the Authority in the field of information, software, and ways of using the various technical devices and applications.
    • Prepare and manage a database of reference information for universal national ID number file data and continually update it in cooperation with civil registry offices, issue universal national numbers and make a reference database thereof accessible to the public entities legally authorized to use it in their applications and electronic department services, such as smart ID cards, digital passports, banking credit cards and other electronic applications that require a reliable and legal personal ID.
    • Manage and protect the installations and software required to operate a universal and secure portal to access the electronic services provided by the various public authorities and institutions.
    • Support and assist sectors, institutions, and authorities in improving their electronic services and activities, contribute to developing systems and applications, select the installations, equipment, and software to carry out electronic services, develop program packages for standard applications and contribute to training programs thereon, and provide technical support and assistance to state agencies to ensure ideal use of information technology in improving electronic administration services in the Great Jamahiriya.
  1. Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs

The Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs shall perform its duties through the following competencies:

    • Collect and index mail received for the Authority, check it against the delivery files, record it in the incoming records, categorize it, then forward it to the competent entities at the Authority.
    • Collect outgoing correspondence, check it against the delivery files, record it in the outgoing records, send it to the intended entities, and keep copies thereof in the relevant files.
    • Undertake measures to ensure orderly work flow in the archives and proper circulation and preservation of documents.
    • Undertake measures related to workers’ affairs at the Authority in accordance with the legislation in force, particularly in the areas of hiring, promotion, regular bonuses, dispatch, transfer, missions, enlistment, assignment, and secondment.
    • Prepare the required data on workers, and their contractual and social security dues in the service area.
    • Prepare the draft for staffing Authority positions.
    • Keep records on regulatory documents and decrees, staffing of positions at the Authority, and seniority, record information therein, track the approved changes made thereto, and identify vacant and occupied positions.
    • Prepare data, statistics, and reports on worker conditions at the Authority as well as cards for their professional life.
    • Keep and monitor the personal files and records of employees and preserve the confidentiality of the information therein.
    • Review workers’ grievances, state opinions thereon, and make any preparations the matter currently requires.
    • Keep records on annual leaves and other provided leaves, list workers’ dues, and specify the balance of leave earned, establish programs and dates for workers to enjoy their vacations in coordination with the Authority’s organizations, and undertake measures to preserve them for them in accordance with the legislation in force.
    • Organize the arrival and departure of workers at the Authority and their exit during official working hours, and keep the necessary records and forms for such.
    • Undertake the secretariat of the committee of worker’s affairs, prepare schedules of its activities, record its minutes, and report the decisions issued pursuant thereto.
    • Perform all procedures and competencies related to military coordination affairs for all workers at the Authority, in coordination with its various organizations.
    • Prepare the Authority’s budget draft estimates.
    • Implement the budget and keep the required records and books, prepare accounting entries therein, and undertake all accounting procedures necessary for the various disbursal operations, within the limits of the allocations set in the budget and financial legislation.
    • Keep financial covenant accounts and close them on the respective dates in accordance with the related documentation and the relevant legislation in force.
    • Prepare payment vouchers, forms for the disbursal of salaries, and other worker financial dues.
    • Prepare documentation for the disbursal of monies due to the various entities, including workers’ social security contributions, loan, advance, and other instalments, and work to pay them on the set date.
    • Prepare monthly financial reports on expenditures and commitments in accordance with the rules set for such, and prepare the Authority’s annual balance sheet.
    • Collect any Authority revenue and deposit it in its bank accounts.
    • Deposit and make withdrawals from instruments in banks and handle disbursals in the cases that require such.
    • Keep the necessary related treasury records, and record all information related to collections, deposits, and disbursals thereof individually.
    • Keep valuable instruments and documentation, oversee and monitor Authority bank accounts, and prepare the necessary monthly reconciliation thereof.
    • Perform all activities related to the treasury, in accordance with the legislation regulating such.
    • Oversee, inspect, and inventory Authority stores.
    • Identify worn out items or those no longer needed and initiate procedures to dispose of them in accordance with the set rules.
    • Keep records on procurements and stores and keep the documentation related thereto in accordance with the set laws and legislation.
    • Prepare plans and programs to train workers in light of the proposals submitted thereto by Authority organizations and submit them for approval.
    • Undertake the necessary procedures with regard to dispatching Authority workers for study or training, whether domestically or abroad, monitor and prepare the required reports thereon, and coordinate with the competent entities in this regard.
    • Oversee study and training programs related to increasing the competency of workers at the Authority through the approved plan for such.
    • Prepare a file for each person dispatched for study or training at the Authority, recording all data and information related to their dispatch and the stages completed, and keep all related documentation and reports in this regard therein.
    • Submit periodic reports on persons dispatched for study or training at the Authority, stating the term of their dispatch, the stages each has completed, and the available information on their progress in the studies or training, their level of achievement, and the extent to which they have abided by the conditions and duties set out under the laws in force on study and training missions.
    • Oversee the Authority’s vehicles and other means of transportation, keep records and documents on their use, regulate the use thereof, and distribute drivers thereto in accordance with work requirements.
    • Handle maintenance of vehicles and means of transportation and provide the required equipment and spare parts, as well as the required oil, fuel, and the like.
    • Oversee the use of Authority buildings and the content thereof, check their safety and preservation, and conduct regular monitoring thereof.
    • Handle general maintenance works of Authority buildings, including electrical, plumbing, and sewage works, and maintenance of elevator, phone, automated calling and other communications equipment, and furniture.
    • Undertake general custodial works for Authority buildings and facilities.
    • Receive foreign experts, visitors, delegations, and foreigners contracted to work at the Authority, and facilitate measures for hosting them and matters related to their stay and travel.
    • Organize shifts and prepare records thereon, preserve the Authority, contents thereof, and the safety of those working there.
    • Receive and answer queries to persons frequenting the Authority.
    • Prepare ID cards for all Authority workers and regulate their entry and exit from the Authority.
    • Undertake printing works related to publications, brochures, reports, memoranda, books, volumes and other printing activities, and the collection and binding of books, memoranda, and reports related to the Authority’s work.
    • Works related to the archives, and organization thereof to ensure proper entry, exchange, and preservation of files, documents, and correspondence and ease of access thereto.
    • Undertake the required measures with regard to contracting workers, renewal of their contracts, and settling the monies owed thereto.
    • Prepare instruments in accordance with the relevant forms.
    • Direct purchasing in accordance with the Authority’s needs and monitor the procedures of the engagement and tenders committees formed therein.
    • Storage and disbursal of materials in accordance with the systems in place.
  1. Competencies of the Divisions Appendant to the Secretary
  1. Coordination and Follow-up Office

The Coordination and Follow-up Office shall hold the following competencies:

    • Monitor the duties of the Authority’s administrative board’s affairs, in particular:
    • Receive and submit the correspondence received for the committee or its secretary.
    • Collect and prepare data and documentation required by the board.
    • Prepare the board’s meeting schedule, undertake the secretariat thereof, prepare for the board’s meetings, and record the minutes thereof.
    • Undertake procedures to notify the competent entities of decisions and directives of the board or secretary thereof, in coordination with the Administrative Affairs Department.
    • Record all committee decisions and committee secretary decisions in a special register, numbered by date of issue, and keep copies thereof.
    • Monitor enforcement of decisions and directives of the committee and secretary thereof and prepare a list of those enforced and not enforced and the reasons for non-enforcement.
    • Monitor and prepare reports on academic, research, statistical, informational, administrative, and financial activities and the studies and reports forwarded thereto by the secretary and any related instructions and directives thereon, and coordinate as deemed necessary by the secretary between the Authority’s main departments.
    • Organize the correspondence received by the office of the secretary and keep the necessary copies.
    • Arrange and prepare for the secretary’s meetings, prepare the minutes thereof, and implement the resulting decisions and recommendations.
    • Coordinate between the organizational divisions of the authority and its branches and monitor their activities to ensure performance of the relevant duties of each, participate in implementing the competencies assigned to the Authority in general, and send implementation warnings on any unimplemented items.
    • Submit any observations that might arise on the Authority’s work flow to the Authority secretary, who shall determine the suitable procedure in this regard.
    • Monitor the Authority’s participation in organizations, symposiums, and meetings and the decisions and directives issued thereby, in coordination with the related entities, and submit periodical reports thereon.
  1. Legal Affairs and Contracts Office

The Legal Affairs and Contracts Office shall hold the following competencies:

    • Research the legal issues referred thereto by the committee secretary or department directors and provide the necessary counsel in this regard.
    • Formulate and review draft legislation and decrees related to the Authority’s competencies and prepare the requested legal correspondence and memoranda.
    • Monitor cases and disputes related to the Authority and prepare memoranda and defences related thereto, participate in the committees formed to monitor them, in coordination with the Lawsuits Department.
    • Monitor legislation in force within the field of the Authority’s work and propose the necessary amendments.
    • Prepare and review contracts and agreements entered into by the Authority or to which it is a party.
  1. Planning and Quality Office

The Planning and Quality Office shall hold the following competencies:

    • Support research and studies that promote professional quality and roles.
    • Propose concepts, principles, and practices related to quality, prepare in-depth studies on the subject of quality by contracting with universities and specialised research centres to prepare such studies, and summarize the results thereof.
    • Prepare the optimal means for incorporating concepts, principles, and practices related to quality and identify how to apply them.
    • Form teams for field studies for administrative organizations and facilities to provide information on development map indicators and a mechanism for collecting them that is consistent with the tasks of other departments at the Authority and according to the requirements of the Authority’s national database, in coordination with the Authority’s Information Department.
    • Prepare studies and research that show the performance level of those organizations and facilities in the various economic and social fields, and measure its levels for the service and production sectors and the participatory and individual sector, and diagnose the developmental conditions of each and the problems they face.
    • Diagnose labour market conditions, employment status, per capita income rates, and regional income share of the gross domestic product for the Great Jamahiriya.
    • Study the development of planning capabilities in the regions and the spatial settlement of each region, identify local resources and potential investments therein, and prepare detailed studies on each region.
    • Periodically prepare qualitative analysis papers for each sector stating in general the performance level and weaknesses, and the solutions proposed to remedy them.
    • Prepare lexicons and forms for statistics and the indicators used nationally, and ways of calculating and reviewing them from time to time in a manner consistent with local and international information systems, in order to approve them nationally.
  1. Internal Audit Office

The Internal Audit Office shall hold the following competencies:

    • Review disbursement transactions prior to their execution and verify their accuracy and the sound application of financial regulations and legislation in force at the Authority.
    • Review petty cash and stores accounts and monitor adherence to the legislation regulating them.
    • Review the Authority’s annual accounts and balance sheet, and submit a report thereon to the secretary of the Authority’s People’s Committee.
  1. Media and Translation Office

The Media and Translation Office shall hold the following competencies:

    • Monitor and document media and newspaper activities and newspaper supplementary materials and the subjects and articles printed therein that fall within the Authority’s competencies, organize files for documentation thereof using the technical means available, raise media awareness of the importance of information and documentation, and explain the Authority’s role and activities.
    • Monitor diverse sources of information including the available visual, audio, and written means, monitor the news, reports, and information exchanged thereon about important issues, analyse the events and topics monitored, prepare full reports thereon, and submit them to the competent entities at the Authority in order to contribute to strengthening the national information system and support study and academic research.
    • Prepare a news report on economic and cultural aspects relying on the information provided from the visual and audio monitoring and the news, newspapers, and fields relevant to the Authority.
    • Translation, including translation of documents, publications, and guides relevant to the Authority to expand its use by workers in the competent departments and students and researchers collaborating therewith, to serve the development of the national information system and study and research activities.
  1. Scientific Consulting Committee

The Scientific Consulting Committee shall be presided over by the secretary of the Authority’s administrative board and a number of scientific advisers in the various specializations related to the Authority’s activities, who shall be named pursuant to a decree issued by the Authority’s secretary. The committee shall hold the following competencies:

    • Study the topics and issues submitted thereto by the Authority’s secretary and prepare an opinion and academic and technical counsel thereon.
    • Prepare studies and academic and technical research on topics related to the Authority’s competences and activities, whether at the request of the Authority’s secretary or by individual initiatives.
    • Contribute to the preparation of scientific and informational files in the field and within the framework of the specialization and expertise of the advisor assigned thereto and monitor the updates made to such files.
    • Contribute to scientific and technical work groups formed to study specific issues.
    • Contribute to preparing various scientific and technical meetings and participate in the supervision thereof.

Article (3)

Pursuant to a decree from the secretary of the General Authority for Information’s administrative board, statistical, informational, and research units or programs with specific tasks and time lines may be established, to be terminated upon the completion of the tasks for which they were established.

Article (4)

Each department shall have an administrative coordinator working under the supervision of the department director and handling the task of discharging administrative and service works, in coordination with the Authority’s Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs.

Article (5)

A decree shall be issued by the Authority’s administrative board containing the Authority’s internal regulations, based on the submission of the board secretary, and shall not conflict with the provisions of this Decree.

Text Type:Decree
Text number:693
Text date:2008-12-31
Institution:General People's Committee

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