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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Decree No. (89) of 2012 on forming a committee and specifying the duties thereof

Prime Minister

Decree No. (89) of 2012 AD

on forming a committee and specifying the duties thereof

The Prime Minister,

Upon review of:

  • The Constitutional Declaration and amendments thereto;
  • Law No. (10) of 1992 AD on security and the police;
  • National Transitional Council Decree No. (184) of 2011 AD approving the transitional government;
  • General People’s Committee (formerly) Decree No. (52) of 2002 AD establishing the Women’s Police Academy;

has decreed:

Article (1)

A committee shall be formed of the following individuals:

  1. Khalifa Hamida Ashour, Deputy Minister of Justice, Chairman
  2. Air Brigadier General Saqr Adam Al-Jarushi for the Chief of Staff, Member
  3. Lieutenant Colonel Jaber Abdullah Al-Sakuh for the Ministry of Interior, Member
  4. Abdel-Salam Abdel-Hamid Al-Shibani for Parliament Legal Affairs, Member
  5. Al-Taher Ibrahim Saad, Parliament Administrative and Financial Affairs, Member
  6. Ali Abu Bakr Qadour, Civil Society Higher Coordinating Committee, Member
  7. Abu Bakr Muftah Al-Abbani, Civil Society Higher Coordinating Committee, Member
  8. Al-Mabruk Abi Ojeila Nuwer, National Reconciliation Commission, Member

Article (2)

The committee formed under Article (1) of this Decree shall receive the Women’s Military Academy and the Women’s Police Academy in Tripoli from the body in possession thereof, with all components and extensions thereof, including the administrative buildings and documentation pertaining thereto.

Article (3)

The committee may seek the assistance of anyone whose help it deems necessary and undertake the necessary procedures to maintain said academies until the necessary decree is adopted with regard thereto and shall prepare a detailed report thereon.

Article (4)

This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its issue and shall be implemented by the competent bodies.

Dr. Abdurrahim Abdulhafiz El-Keib

Prime Minister – Libya

Text Type:Decree
Text number:89
Text date:2012-04-02

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