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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Decree of 1970 on organising the security services of the Ministry of Interior

Revolutionary Command Council

Decree on organising the security services of the Ministry of Interior

In the name of the people,

The Revolutionary Command Council,

Upon review of:

  • The Constitutional Declaration No. (1) issued on 2 Shawwal 1389 AH, corresponding to 11 December 1979 AD;
  • Decree-Law No. (18) of 1964 on the police, amended by the decree-law issued on 2 Jumada al-Thaniya 1385 AH corresponding to 28 September 1965 AD and by the decree-law issued on 24 Jumada al-Awwal 1387 AH corresponding to 30 August 1967 AD;
  • The proposal of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior, and the approval of the Cabinet;

has decided:

Article (1)

Security services shall have the following organisational structure:

  1. The Minister: The minister shall assume the overall oversight of all the security services. He shall directly oversee the following general directorates:

General Directorate of General Inspection

General Directorate of Officer Affairs

General Directorate of Organisation and Administration

General Affairs Department

  1. The Deputy Minister: He shall directly oversee the following general directorates:

General Directorate of Security Affairs, which comprises the following departments:

Central Administration of Criminal Investigation Affairs

Personal Identification Department

Civil Defence and Fire Department

Central Traffic Department

Transport and Telecommunications Police Department

Port Security Department

Public Facilities Police Department

Central Security Office

Arab and International Criminal Police Office

General Directorate of Immigration, Passports, and Citizenship, which comprises the following departments:

Department of Residence and Entry Visas

Control and Lists Departments

The Benghazi and Sabha branches

General Directorate of Individuals & Administrative and Financial Affairs, which comprises the following departments:

Individual Service Affairs Department

Training Department

Prison Department

Police Supply Department

Budget and Accounts Department

Cards Department

Legal Affairs Department

Police Sports Union

  1. Security Directorates in every province of the Jamahiriya, with which police departments are directly affiliated.

Article (2)

Directors-General of General Directorates, and Security Directors of officer ranks, shall be appointed by a Cabinet decree.

Article (3)

The Minister of Interior shall implement the present decree and issue the ministerial resolutions governing the work of such security services. This decree shall enter into force from its date of issuance. Any contrary provision shall be repealed.

Revolutionary Command Council – Libya

Major Abdessalam Ahmed Jalloud

Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Minister of Interior and Local Government

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

Prime Minister

Issued in Tripoli on 11 Dhu al-Qaada 1389 AH

Corresponding to 19 January 1970 AD

Text Type:Decree
Text date:1970-02-25
Institution:Revolutionary Command Council

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