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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Decree of 1970 on the rules and procedures for implementation of Law No. (3) of 1970 on illicit acquisition

Minister of Justice Decree

On Rules and Procedures for the Implementation of Law No. (3) of 1970 AD

On Illicit Gain


The Minister of Justice,

Upon review of Law No. (3) of 1970 AD with regard to Illicit Gain,


has decreed the following:


Article (1)

The declarations stipulated in the aforementioned Illicit Gain Law shall be submitted on the form attached hereto.

Details of the financial standing of the spouse or the minors may be stated on a separate declaration.


Article (2)

Financial declarations shall be submitted to the Director of Personnel Affairs or whoever exercises his responsibilities at the entity where the person submitting the declaration works.


Article (3)

The declarations shall be submitted directly to the secretariat of the Examination Committee stipulated in Article 5 of the Illicit Gain Law in respect of the persons listed in Article 2 of the said law. If the service is intermittent, a declaration shall be submitted for each separate period, provided that they shall be submitted together.


Article (4)

The declarant shall place his declaration inside a sealed envelope and state his name and type of declaration on the same.

The declaration shall be submitted either by delivering the same to the competent official directly against a receipt or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

The official competent to receive declarations shall indicate the date of receipt on the envelope containing the declaration and shall sign the same and state his name and position.

The envelope may be opened only by the Examination Committee.


Article (5)

The official competent to receive declarations shall monitor their submission within the legal deadline, and he shall inform the Public Prosecution of any delay in this regard.


Article (6)

The official competent to receive declarations shall refer the received declarations to the competent examination committee in order to examine the same and conduct the investigations and studies required in accordance with the law.


Article (7)

This decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force from the issuance date thereof.


Muhammad Ali al-Jady

Minister of Justice

Issued on 16 Dhul Qadah 1389 AH

Corresponding to 24 January 1970 AD


Declaration on Financial Standing (1)

In implementation of Law No. (3) of 1970 AD on Illicit Gain,

Type of Declaration (2) (3)

Name of Declarant:

Date of Declaration:

1) This declaration shall be deemed confidential pursuant to Article 5 of the law. Subject to such confidentiality, the declarant shall submit the declaration within a sealed envelope stating the type of declaration and the name of declarant thereon.

2) One of the following statements shall be mentioned to indicate the type of declaration:

Declaration on the application of the provisions of the law;

Declaration on commencement of assuming the position, job or service, or establishment of capacity;

Declaration when leaving the position, job or service or the cessation of capacity; or

Declaration submitted at the request of the competent authority.

3) This form shall be used to declare financial standing and to declare any change that occurs thereto, by way of increase or decrease.


Personal details of the declarant, his spouse and his minors.

1. Declarant Details

Name of declarant: ……………….

(Mention name, father’s name and surname).

Position, job, service or capacity: ………….

Date of appointment or establishment of capacity: ………………

Date of leaving the position, job, service, or cessation of capacity: ……………..

Grade and salary or remuneration on 7 October 1951 AD, or at the time of appointment or establishment of capacity if later than the mentioned date: …………………………………..

Grade and salary or remuneration on 14 Dhul Qadah 1389 AH corresponding to 22 January 1970 AD (effective date of Law No. 3 of 1970 AD) or when leaving the position, job or service or the cessation of capacity: …………………….

Date of Declaration:……………………………………..

Declarant’s Address: …………………………..

Place of residence: …………………………..

2. Spouse’s Details

Name of spouse


Date of marriage

Occupation and employer (if any)


(1) This means the husband or wife. In the event of multiple spouses, the declaration shall contain the relevant details.

3. Details of minors


Date of birth

Occupation and employer (if any)




Details relating to the financial standing of the declarant

and his spouse and minors (1)

First: Agricultural lands and attachments thereto

Owner’s name

Location of land


Issuer and date of title

Title deed ore registration number, if any

Annual income

(1) The details in respect of the financial standing of the spouse or minors may be recorded in a separate form, provided that all forms shall be submitted within one envelope.

Second: Other real estate properties

Owner’s name

Location and description of property

Area of property

Issuer and date of title

Title deed ore registration number, if any

Annual income




Third: Entitlement to endowment

Name of beneficiary

Type of entitlement

Endowment asset and type thereof

Amount of annual entitlement

Location of property

Deed or registration number, if any

Location of movable endowment

Name of donor and relationship to beneficiary




Fourth: Stocks and shares in companies and financial bonds

Owner’s name

Number of shares and bonds and value or share value

Name and type of company

Issuer of shares and bonds

Annual income

Source of increase




Fifth: Deposits with banks and other debts and deposits with third parties

Name of the holder of deposit or debt

Name of depositary or debtor

Type of debt or deposit

Amount of debt or deposit

Interest rate

Source of increase




Sixth: Other movable assets of value

(Cash, metals, precious stones, furniture and other movables)

Owner’s name

Details and value of movables and amount of cash

Source of such movables

Annual revenue generated by such movables

Source of increase




Seventh: Insurance contracts

Name of insured

Name of insurance company

Policy or contract number

Date of insurance


Insurance amount

Due date

Annual premium





Eighth: Debts due to the third parties against the declarant and his spouse and minors

Debtor’s name

Creditor’s name

Type of obligation

Amount of debt

Amount paid and payment date




Ninth: Other details that the declarant wishes to add















Signature of declarant: : ……………….


Text Type:Decree
Text date:1970-01-24
Institution:Ministry of Justice

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