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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Decree of 1971 on the general provisions for volunteering in the Popular Resistance


On General Provisions for Volunteering in the Popular Resistance

The Commander of the Popular Resistance,

·  Upon review of the Revolutionary Command Council Decree issued on 16 Rajab 1390 AH, corresponding to 16 September 1970 AD, on the formation of the Popular Resistance;

·  The Revolutionary Command Council Decree issued on 16 Rajab 1390 AH, corresponding to 16 September 1970 AD, on the appointment of the Commander of the Popular Resistance;

·  The Revolutionary Command Council Decree issued on 21 Sha’ban 1391 AH, corresponding to 11 October 1971 AD on the Popular Resistance System; and

·  The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Decree issued on 23/8/1391 AH, corresponding to 13/10/1971 AD, on the formation and competencies of the Popular Resistance Command,


has decreed the following:

Article (1)

1. The Popular Resistance Command shall determine the adequate number of volunteers required to secure vital objectives in every governorate and city across the Republic.



2. The following is required in any person who volunteers for the Popular Resistance:

a. He shall be a citizen of the Libyan Arab Republic;

b. He shall be physically fit;

c. He shall be at least 18 years old;

3-   He shall accept to volunteer at the Popular Resistance for a period of at least one year; and

4- He shall be of good conduct and reputation.


Article (2)

ِA volunteer who has previously received military training in the armed forces or universities and schools; who previously volunteered in the civil defense; or was a member of the Arab Socialist Union, shall be preferred.


Article (3)

Volunteering shall be for one renewable year, unless it is established that the volunteer is unfit or if he requests to be exempted after one year of volunteering in the Popular Resistance. The volunteer shall be obliged to attend a period of up to two weeks of training according to the planning of the Resistance.


Article (4)

A person desiring to volunteer shall submit a written application in two copies expressing his desire to volunteer. The volunteer shall pledge to execute all orders and instructions issued to him. The application shall be submitted to the following authorities:

1-   The police station within its jurisdiction the volunteer resides after the approval of the local mayor.

2-   In respect of state employees and workers, via their heads of departments, who shall send the application to the Director of Security in the governorate.


Article (5)

The applications received by the Director of Security from police stations and government departments shall be referred to the Governor after verifying the accuracy of the details contained therein.


Article (6)

The Popular Resistance Command shall give each volunteer a card, on which his picture shall be affixed and his name, address, the type of service he has been trained for, and any other necessary details shall be recorded. The Commander of the Resistance shall determine the form and type of this card, the details recorded in it, and the period of its use, after the volunteer has passed the various stages of training.


Article (7)

The Popular Resistance Councils in the governorates shall register volunteers, their card numbers, work points, place of residence, and the type of service for which each of them was trained. A copy of thereof shall be sent to the Popular Resistance Command upon completion of the training of each batch of volunteers.



Article (8)

A volunteer shall be terminated by a decree of the Popular Resistance Council in the governorate after being approved by the Commander of the Resistance or his representative in the following cases:

1. If he lacks one of the volunteering requirements stipulated herein;

2. If his exemption from continuing to volunteer is accepted;

3. Due to incompetence to serve in the Popular Resistance;

4. Due to his not being regular in attending training, general training trials or the prescribed service role; or

5. If the volunteer exhibited a certain behavior during training or service.

The card, uniform and distinctive badges shall be withdrawn from the terminated volunteer, and his employer shall be notified of the reason for termination of his volunteering in the Popular Resistance.


Article (9)

The Assistant Commander of the Popular Resistance shall implement this decree, which shall take effect on the issuance date thereof and shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Major / Al-Khuwaildi Al-Humaidi

Commander of the Popular Resistance

Issued on 5 Shawwal 1391 AH

Corresponding to 22 November 1971 AD


Text Type:Decree
Text date:1971-11-22
Institution:Head of State

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