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Part III: Executive Authorities: Control of the Security Sector

Law No. (109) of 1970 on certain provisions relating to bonuses and financial benefits for personnel

Law No. (109) of 1970

on certain provisions related to bonuses

and financial benefits for employees

In the name of the people,

The Revolutionary Command Council

Upon review of:

  • Constitutional Declaration No. (1) issued on 2 Shawwal 1389 AD corresponding to 11 December 1969 AD;
  • Civil Service Law No. (19) of 1964 and the amending laws thereof;
  • The laws and decrees issued on adopting raises, bonuses, allowances, additional salaries, or other benefits for government, public agency and institution employees;
  • On the basis of the proposal of the Prime Minister and the approval of the same;

issued the following law:

Article (1)

The contents of the laws, regulations, and decrees issued by the government or public agencies or institutions adopting raises, bonuses, and allowances as specified in the attached statement shall be repealed.

The Cabinet may revoke or amend other raises, bonuses, or allowances in the said bodies.

Article (2)

Raises, allowances, grants, bonuses, and financial benefits for employees and workers in the government or in a public agency or institution beyond their original salaries, bonuses, or wages may only be adopted by virtue of a decree issued by the Cabinet.

Article (3)

This Law shall enter into effect on the first of the calendar month following its date of issuance. It shall be published in the Official Gazette.

The Revolutionary Command Council – Libya

Colonel/Muammar Gaddafi

Prime Minister

Issued on: 7 Rajab 1390 AH

Corresponding to: 7 September 1970 AD


Repealed bonuses, allowances, and raises

  1. Raise for additional work hours issued by a Cabinet Decree on 1 September 1956.
  2. Raise for residence difficulty.
  3. Prescribed raise for representation of presidents, parliamentarians, and public institution presidents.
  4. Raise for Bank of Libya branches outside the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi.
  5. Raise for Bank of Libya branch in the airport.
  6. Prescribed raise for representation of directors of Bank of Libya branches outside the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, and for deputy directors and their assistants.
  7. Prescribed inspection allowance raise for inspectors in national institutions for social security.
  8. Allowance for clothing prescribed for tourist inspectors.
  9. Raise for car prescribed for certain employees of the Libyan Arab Airlines institution.
  10. Allowance for clothing prescribed for members of the diplomatic corps.
  11. Allowance for car prescribed for financial operations management advisor in Bank of Libya.
  12. Bonuses for membership in boards of directors of public bodies and organisations and the committees stemming therefrom.
  13. Prescribed hospitality raise for governors, administrators, deputy administrators and district directors.
  14. Bonuses granted to the legal advisors of the Ministry of Economy and the Municipality of Benghazi for their undertaking of legal acts in the Tripoli exhibition and General Organisation to Rebuild the City of Marj.
  15. Bonuses granted to one of the Ministry of Health’s doctors in exchange for him managing the clinic in the University of Libya.
  16. Bonuses granted to the head of the accounting department in the Tripoli exhibition in exchange for him performing collection and disbursement functions.
  17. Bonuses granted by the university to one of its employees in exchange for their undertaking tasks related to the exercises of participants in the musical course for teachers of national education and guidance to work in the radiology department.
  18. Bonuses awarded to an employee of the loans department in the Bank of Libya in exchange for him collecting information about traders for commercial purposes.
  19. Bonuses awarded to customs employees at a ratio of ½ of the yield of fines for customs smuggling.
  20. Bonuses awarded to tax employees at no more than 5% of any amounts owed to the government pursuant to Income Tax Law, if it is verified that it was obtained on the basis of a specific effort undertaken thereby.
  21. Collection bonuses granted to Tax Authority employees that perform collecting at a rate of no more than 40% of the expenses of booking and sale procedures.
  22. Bonus granted to health inspectors at a percentage of the returns on health procedures.
  23. Bonuses granted to presidents and members of supervisory committees for processes of organising the personnel register.
  24. Yearly bonuses for Bank of Libya employees (salary of two and one-half months).
  25. Bonuses granted to Bank of Libya employees as special assistance in the event of the death of the employee or one of his parents.
  26. Holiday bonuses granted to Bank of Libya employees during religious holidays (unclassified employees).
  27. Holiday bonuses granted to Agricultural Bank employees during religious holidays (unclassified employees).
  28. Bonuses in exchange for birth expenses for Agricultural Bank employees.
  29. Exemption of employees of the Electricity Company in Libya from half of the electricity consumption in their houses.
  30. Expenses of English language acquisition subscriptions for Bank of Libya employees.
  31. Damage bonus for Bank of Libya employees in exchange for damaging currency.
  32. Bonuses for membership in any committees formed in public ministries, authorities, bodies and organisations.
  33. Honorary raise for members of the armed forces.
  34. Raise for movement of social security organisation inspectors.
  35. Prescribed full-time allowance for doctors and pharmacists in the social security organisation.
  36. Disturbance raise named packing and luggage transfer.
  37. Statistics and census bonuses.
  38. Special guard raise.
  39. Professional raise for customs guards.
  40. Motorcycle raise for Municipal Guard personnel.
  41. Hospitality raises in the Islamic University.
  42. Raises and bonuses for the Higher Council of Islamic and Libyan Universities.
  43. Raises and bonuses for tender committees in all State agencies.

Text Type:Decree
Text number:109
Text date:1970-09-07
Institution:Revolutionary Command Council

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