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Part VI: Organisation and Status of Core Security and Justice Providers

Law No. (3) of 1996 on medals, decorations

Law No. (3) of 1425 FBP

on decorations and medals

The General People’s Congress

In execution of the resolutions adopted by the Basic People’s Congresses in their ordinary session of 1424 FBP, and formulated by the General Forum of Basic People’s Congresses, People’s Committees, syndicates, professional associations, and unions (the General People’s Congress) in their ordinary session from 18 to 24 Ramadan, corresponding to 7 to 13 February 1425 FBP;

And upon review of:

  • The Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People;
  • The Great Green Charter of Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era;
  • Law No. (20) of 1991 on promoting freedom;
  • Law No. (21) of 1973 on establishing the Order of Jihad and the Order of the Good Citizen;
  • Law No. (6) of 1990 on medals and decorations;

drafted the following law:

Article (1)

In accordance with the provisions of this law, medals and decorations shall be established as follows:

  1. Order of Courage.
  2. Order of the Great 1 September Revolution.
  3. Order of Jihad.
  4. Order of Good Workmanship.
  5. Order of the Good Citizen.
  6. Order of the Great Man-Made River.
  7. Order of the Perseverance.
  8. Order of Comradery.
  9. Order of Pioneering.

10. Medal of Military Duty in several grades.

Article (2)

The orders stipulated in this law shall be awarded by:

  1. Brother / Commander of the Revolution.
  2. The General People’s Congress.

Article (3)

The Order of Courage shall be awarded to whoever followed the orders of the Commander of the Revolution on the night of the Great 1 September 1969, or undertook after that an outstanding act to protect the revolution and its thought and achievements and to defend it, presenting himself as a sacrifice.

Article (4)

The Order of the Great 1 September Revolution shall be awarded to heads of state and the like, and to others who are deemed to deserve and merit receiving this order.

Article (5)

The Order of Jihad shall be awarded to Arab Libyans who fought to repel the Italian aggression and participated in accordance with their ability to liberate the country from the yoke of colonialism and to whoever played a distinctive role in battles of national jihad to liberate Arab land.

Article (6)

The Order of Good Deeds shall be awarded to whoever performs a good deed for the people of the Great Jamahiriya, the Arab people, or to mankind.

This Order may be awarded to local, regional, and international bodies and organisations that provide valuable services in the fields of culture, public health, environmental protection, and the non-proliferation of lethal arms and weapons of destruction.

Article (7)

The Order of the Good Citizen shall be awarded to any citizen characterised by righteousness and goodness to an extent that distinguishes him from other citizens.

Article (8)

The Order of the Great Man-Made River shall be awarded to whoever plays a distinguished role in increasing agricultural production, rehabilitating soil, protecting plants, and combating desertification and agricultural pests or whoever participated with superior efforts to increase water resources in the Great Jamahiriya.

Article (9)

The Order of Resistance shall be awarded to whoever resists in the battle of Arab national destiny to confront colonialism, Zionism, and reactionarism.

Article (10)

The Order of Comradery shall be awarded to the Commander’s comrades, their spouses, and their children, males and females alike.

Article (11)

The Order of Pioneering shall be awarded to the first pioneers in various national, regional, and international fields.

Article (12)

The Medals of Military Duty shall be awarded in several grades to whoever performs his duty distinguishably in a way that deserves recognition.

Article (13)

The medals and decorations stipulated in Article (1) of this Law may be awarded to the personnel of the Armed Popular Units and Arab and foreign military men, at the proposal of the General Interim Committee for Defence.

Article (14)

People awarded the medals and decorations stipulated in this Law may wear them in public events and occasions and whenever they wish.

Article (15)

The medal may be awarded to the name of the recipient in the case of martyrdom or death. It shall be given to his heirs and shall remain theirs as a souvenir, but they shall not have the right to wear it.

Article (16)

The specifications and forms of decorations and medals, as well as the materials they are made of, their formats, and awarding and documentation procedures, shall be determined by a decision issued by the General People’s Congress.

The Secretariat of the General People’s Congress shall open records for decorations and medals and conduct the executive work related thereto, and it shall document the procedures for decorations and medals awarded before the issuance of this Law.

Article (17)

A decree issued by the General People’s Congress shall determine the advantages and effects arising from the honour of carrying the decorations and medals awarded pursuant to the provisions of this Law.

Article (18)

The holder shall be stripped of the medal or decoration and deprived of the advantages thereof if he loses trust or respect, violates the purpose for which he was granted the medal or decoration, harms the reputation of the Great Jamahiriya, or undertakes an action that harms its security, integrity and its Jamahiriya regime.

Article (19)

Law No. (6) of 1990 on medals and decorations and any article contrary to the provisions of this Law shall be abolished.

Article (20)

This Law shall be published in the Official Gazette and various media outlets and shall enter into force starting from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

General People’s Congress Libya

Issued on 23 Ramadan

Corresponding to 13 February 1425 FBP

Text Type:Law
Text number:03
Text date:2004-01-01
Institution:General People's Congress

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