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Part I: Constitutional Framework

Law No. (5) of 1991 on the application of the principles of the Green Charter of Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era

Law No. (5) of 1991 AD

on the Application of the Principles of the Great Green Charter

of Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era

The General People’s Congress

After review of the Great Green Charter of Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era, which was promulgated by the Libyan Arab people, drawing inspiration from Communique No. 1 of the Great Revolution of 1969, guided by the historic Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People of 2 March 1977, and taking the Green Book as humanity’s guide to ultimate deliverance from the rule of one man, class, sect, tribe or party, in order to establish a society where everybody is free and equal in power, wealth and arms, and in response to the continual encouragement of the international revolutionary Muammar Gaddafi, the creator of the Jamahiriya Era;

In affirmation of the need to abide by the lofty principles of the Great Green Charter of Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era, which must be taken into account when issuing laws and decisions;

In implementation of the decisions of the Basic People’s Congresses in their Second Ordinary Session of the Year 1400 FDP corresponding to 1990 AD, which were drafted by the General Forum of People’s Congresses, People’s Committees and Syndicates, Unions and Professional Associations (General People’s Congress) at its 17th ordinary session during the period from 29 Dhu al-Qaada to 5 Dhu al-Hijjah 1400 FDP, which corresponds to 11 to 17 June 1991 AD;

The following law was drafted:

Article (1)

The legislation in force before the issuance of the Great Green Charter of Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era shall be amended in conformity with the principles of said Charter.

No legislation may be issued in contradiction with these principles.

Article (2)

The amendments mentioned in the previous article shall be carried out within one year of the date of publication of this Law. This period may be extended as necessary by a decision of the General People’s Committee for another period(s).

Article (3)

The legislation in force at the time this Law is issued shall remain in force until it is annulled and amended in accordance with the provision of Article (1).

Article (4)

This Law shall enter into force from the date of its issuance, and it shall be published in the Official Gazette and the various media.

General People’s Congress — Libya

Issued on 8 Muharram 1401 FDP

Corresponding to 20 July 1991 AD

Text Type:Law
Text number:05
Text date:1991-07-20
Institution:General People's Congress
Gazette number:20
Gazette date:1991-10-12
Gazette pages:726 - 727

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