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Part I: Constitutional Framework

Liberation Declaration of 2011

Liberation Declaration

To the free and great Libyan people:

After the blessed 17 February Revolution erupted and after nine months of heroic combat, struggle and effort against the tyrannical, oppressive, dictatorial regime and the chaos, corruption and destruction that prevailed for more than four decades, in a tremendous historic battle witnessed by all mankind, and through the sacrifice of the pure, guiltless blood of martyrs, the great Libyan people managed to break their shackles, seize their freedom and dispel the darkness of the hateful dictatorship. Today they declare that the dictator is dead and his hated despotic regime has fallen, never to return. The page has been turned on tyranny and a new historical phase has made it possible for this nation of fighters to rebuild the state and society in a free and modern way, which was made pure by the souls of the martyrs, the blood of brave fighters and the struggle and suffering of noble men. A new era has begun, an era of free institutions based on rules, respect for human rights and citizenship, a state of science and planning, an era of prosperity and well-being that upholds the unity of the nation’s soil and the safety of its tolerant, peaceful social fabric that rejects violence, bigotry and extremism.

To the great Libyan people:

On this great, historic day, the National Transitional Council (NTC) declares the liberation of Libya from the tyrannical, despotic regime. The NTC congratulates the entire Libyan people and all its national and cultural components on achieving this great triumph. It also congratulates all international forces that love justice and peace, who stood by the blessed 17 February Revolution. The NTC prays for God to assist the hearts of believers to preserve this blessed path and its successes, and calls on all Libyans to cooperate with the NTC to achieve the following:

First: Uphold national unity and the integrity of the national fabric, the spirit of solidarity, cooperation and accord that ensured the success of our glorious revolution up till now and laid a foundation of perseverance and victory. Denounce all disputes that are based on self-interest, selfishness, personal opportunism, and narrow provincial and tribal interests that obstruct our social and political progress.

Second: Denounce all manifestations of extremism, superiority, vengeance and violence and uphold the values of justice, moderation, tolerance, the dictates of our true religion, the principles of our tolerant Sharia, and integrity and justice, which all help achieve security and safety and sow the seeds of the desired democratic transformation.

Third: Abide by the decisions and declarations issued by the NTC and its bodies in various domains until the election of the General National Congress (GNC). Execute the transitional government’s policies, which – God willing – will soon constitute the interim executive authority until the country’s constitution is promulgated and a modern democratic state is established.

Fourth: Abide by the NTC’s plans and decisions to rebuild and reconstitute the Libyan National Army as the State’s legal institution that is authorized to use weapons to protect the nation from external dangers, defend the State of Libya’s region and borders and protect the gains of the revolution and democratic principles.

Fifth: Abide by the NTC’s plans for rebuilding and reorganising the Ministry of Interior and all branches and apparatuses subordinate thereto. Any armed body outside this framework shall be deemed illegal and contrary to the glorious revolution.

Sixth: Immediately begin implementation of the transitional period as stipulated in the interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3/Ramadan/1432 AH corresponding to 3/8/2011 AD, particularly the steps and measures that precede GNC elections.

Seventh: While the Libyan people establish a state of law, proclaims to the world:

  1. Respect for all agreements and contracts concluded in accordance with international standards.
  2. Work to boost international security and peace; calling for cooperation and denouncing violence.
  3. Work to eliminate all forms of international tensions and make a serious contribution to end poverty and want in the world.
  4. Build relations based on respect, mutual cooperation, and common interests with all nations of the world, particularly Libya’s neighbours.

To the great Libyan people:

Today, with sure steps and trust in God, we are entering on the threshold of a new era, “the Post-Liberation Era,” an era that requires from all of us greater responsibility, tremendous effort, and perseverance without retreat or slackening, an era that requires trust in God and self-assurance, that confirms that we are determined as a national council, transitional government, civil society and institutions to enter this era and perform as best as possible in a context of security, stability, cooperation, national accord and collective responsibility where with God’s assistance and the desire for liberation that drove out the darkness and removed oppression, we are all able to achieve our overarching dream: a free, civil, democratic Libya. Victory comes only from God.

Glory and eternal life to our pious martyrs…and long live Libya, free and proud.

National Transitional Council – Libya

Issued in Benghazi

Sunday, Dhu al-Qaada 1432 AH

Corresponding to 23/10/2011 AD

Text Type:Declaration
Text date:2011-10-23
Institution:National Transitional Council (NTC)
Gazette number:01
Gazette date:2012-02-09
Gazette pages:01 - 12

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