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Part I: Constitutional Framework

Resolution No. (40) of 2014 on granting the interim government a vote of confidence


of General National Congress

Resolution No. (40) of 2014

on granting the interim government a vote of confidence

The General National Congress

Upon review of:

  • The Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011, and the amendments thereof;
  • The rules of procedure of the General National Congress;
  • The General National Congress Resolution No. (38) of 2014 on the appointment of the Prime Minister of the interim government;
  • The results of the General National Congress ordinary session held on 25 May 2014;

issued the following resolution :

Article (1)

The vote of confidence shall be granted to the government composed of the following:

  1. Mr Ahmed Omar Maiteeq Prime Minister
  2. Mr Abdul Karim Mohammed al-Arida First Deputy Prime Minister
  3. Mr Khalifa Saleh Ibdeewi Second Deputy Prime Minister
  4. Mr Saleh Mohammed al-Aqta Minister of Communications and

Information Technology

  1. Mr Fayez Mustafa al-Serraj Minister of Housing and Utilities
  2. Mr Khalid Osman al-Fadil Minister of Media
  3. Mr Fathi Amar Wanis Minister of Economy
  4. Mr Abdullah Ali al-Agili Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
  5. Mr Issam Abdullatif Gurba Minister for International Cooperation

10. Mrs Fawzia Baryon Minister of Education

11. Dr Said Sulaiman Mayuf Minister of Higher Education and

Scientific Research

12. Mrs Turkiya Abdul Hafid Alwar Minister of Culture

13. Mr Abdulbari Mustafa Shinbaru Minister of Local Government

14. Colonel Al-Arif Saleh al-Khoja Minister of Interior

15. Mr Mohammed Abdul Ali al-Obeidi Minister of Agriculture

16. Mr Abdul Salam Abdullah Ghwiyla Minister of Youth and Sport

17. Mr Adel Hassan al-Maheeshi Minister of Martyrs and Missing

Persons’ Families Affairs

18. Intessar Mubarak al-Ageeli Minister of Social Affairs and Displaced


19. Counselor Omar Abdul khaliq Minister of Justice

20. Mr Mohammed al-Fitori Swalim Minister of Labour

21. Mr Milud Ahmed Khalifa Hamid Minister of Finance

22. Mr Abdulgader Mohammed al-Ayed Minister of Transportation

23. Mr Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Boushaala Minister of State for GNC Affairs

Article (2)

Deputies and ministers shall take the oath before the GNC President prior to taking office.

Article (3)

This resolution shall enter into force from its date of issuance. It shall be published in the Official Gazette and the available media outlets. Any contrary provision shall be repealed.

General National Congress – Libya

Issued in Tripoli

On 6 Shaaban 1435 AH

Corresponding to 4 June 2014 AD

Text Type:Resolution
Text number:40
Text date:2014-06-04
Institution:General National Congress (GNC)

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