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Part II: Legislative Authorities: Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector

Resolution No. (57) of 2013 on establishing a committee and defining its functions

General National Congress

Resolution No. (57) of 2013

on the establishment of a committee and the specification of its duties

Upon review of:

  • The interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011 and the amendments thereof;
  • The rules of procedure of the General National Congress;
  • Law No. (4) of 2012 on the General National Congress elections and the amendments thereof;
  • The conclusions of the ninety-eight ordinary session of the General National Congress held on 18/06/2013;

The following law was issued:

Article (1)

A committee shall be formed of the following General National Congress (GNC) members:

1. Mr Mohammed Misbah Abu Ghamja (Chairman)

2. Mr Shaaban Ali Abu Sitta (member)

3. Mr Suleiman Yunis Gajam (member)

4. Mr Saeed Khalifa al-Khatali (member)

5. Mr Mohammed Ahmed Abu Sunaina (member)

6. Mr Juma Ali al-Shawesh (member)

7. Mr Suleiman al-Mabruk al-Hajj (member)

8. Mr Ibrahim Ali Bushaala (member)

9. Mr Mohammed Abdul Qader Bitro (member)

10. Mr Bashir Mahmoud al-Hosh (member)

11. Mr Abu Bakr Ali Ehmouda Daou (member)

12. Mr Mustafa Abdel Rahman al-Turki (member)

13. Mr Abu Bakr Mohammed Abdul Qader (member)

Article (2)

The abovementioned committee shall conduct fact-finding and survey the causes of dissent and conflict in the regions of Zaqzaw, Al-Ajamiya, Al-Hawamed, Tiji, Nalut, and Al-Atef by communicating with the citizens, wise men, elders and prominent figures of such regions as well as State officials, and shall endeavour to find quick and serious solutions for them.

Article (3)

The government shall provide this committee with all the capabilities and decisions it needs to perform its duties.

Article (4)

The committee shall undertake to provide the GNC through its presidency office with a detailed report within one month at most from the date of issuance of this resolution, indicating the work conducted by the committee, the results of its mission, and its recommendations in this respect.

Article (5)

This resolution shall enter into force from its date of issuance. The concerned entities shall be notified thereof, and shall be implemented by each within their mandate.

General National Congress – Libya

Issued in Tripoli

11 Shaaban 1434 AH

Corresponding to 20/06/2013 AD

Text Type:Resolution
Text number:57
Text date:2013-06-20
Institution:General National Congress (GNC)

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