Resolution No. (16) of 2012 declaring closed military zones and adopting some provisions on borders

Resolution No. (16) of 2012

declaring closed military zones and

adopting some provisions on borders

The General National Congress

Upon review of:

  • The Interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011, and the amendments thereof;
  • Law No. (38) of 2012 containing some measures regarding the transitional period;
  • Law No. (11) of 2012 adopting some provisions regarding the powers of command levels in the Libyan military;
  • The Rules of Procedure of the General National Congress;
  • Considerations of the public interest;
  • The conclusions reached by the General National Congress in its session on 16/12/2012;

issued the following resolution:

Article (1)

The following regions are hereby declared closed zones of military operations: Ghadames, Ghat, Ubari, al-Shati’, Sebha, Murzuk, al-Kufra.  All relevant extraordinary legislation shall apply to these zones.

Article (2)

The Libyan land borders shared with the following countries shall be closed temporarily:

1.   Chad

2.   Niger

3.   Sudan

4.   Algeria

This temporary closure shall remain in effect until all measures are taken to guarantee the realization of the aims of this closure, in coordination with the relevant states.

Article (3)

The Minister of Defence, in consultation with the General National Congress, shall be charged with appointing a military commander and his aides for the zones specified above.  The military commander must not be from these zones.  The military commander shall be granted all the powers and competences vested in the executive authorities, specifically the powers to arrest all wanted persons in these zones and to deport persons who have infiltrated the borders to their countries of origin.  In this regard, the military commander may seek the assistance of any person as he deems necessary.

Article (4)

The military commander shall urgently take all necessary measures to secure and protect the southern borders of Libya.

Article (5)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be mandated to notify all embassies, the United Nations delegation, and the international, regional, and local organizations working in Libya of the provisions of this resolution.

Article (6)

The Cabinet shall provide all material, technological, and technical capabilities necessary to ensure the securing of these borders and the establishment of security throughout these zones.

Article (7)

This resolution shall enter into force from its date of issuance, and it shall be implemented by each entity within their mandate. It shall be published in the Official Gazette.

General National Congress – Libya

Issued on 10 Safar 1434 AH

Corresponding to 23 December 2012 AD

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