Resolution No. (18) of 2012 on the establishment of a committee and the specification of its duties

General National Congress Resolution No. (18) of 2012

on the establishment of a committee and the specification of its duties

The General National Congress

Upon review of:

  • The Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011 and the amendments thereof;
  • Law No. (4) of 2012 on General National Congress elections and the amendments thereof;
  • High National Elections Commission Resolution No. (102) of 2012 on the approval of the General National Congress election results;
  • The General National Congress Resolution No. (1) of 2012 on approving the results of the General National Congress presidency elections;
  • The rules of procedure of the General National Congress;
  • The memorandum of the legislative and constitutional committee of the General National Congress;
  • Public interest considerations;

issued the following resolution:

Article (1)

A committee shall be formed of the following members of the General National Congress (GNC):

  1. Mr Monsef Mohammed Jewel Nassib                 GNC member
  2. Mr Toufik al-Shuhaibi                                       GNC member
  3. Mr Abdel Hafeez Mohammed al-Dayekh            GNC member
  4. Mr Fawzi Rajab al-Oqab                                   GNC member
  5. Mr Abdul Rahman al-Dibani                              GNC member
  6. Mr Najmeddine al-Akouri                                 GNC member
  7. Mr Ahmed Langi                                               GNC member
  8. Mr Suleiman Awad Zoubi                                  GNC member
  9. Mr Othman Abed Mathkour                               GNC member

10.  Mr Senussi Salem al-Qummi                                 GNC member

11.  Mr Mohammed Ahmed al-Arishiya                    GNC member

12.  Mr Senussi Mohammed al-Dobari                      GNC member

13.  Mr Mohammed Abdullah al-Toumi                    GNC member

14.  Mr Hamed Abdel Salam al-Baghdadi                 GNC member

15.  Mr Abdel Wahab Mohammed Qaid                    GNC member

16.  Mrs Zainab Shtee Hassan                                 GNC member

17.  Mrs Ahlam Abdullah Alwa                                 GNC member

18.  Mr Massoud Obeid                                            GNC member

19.  Mr Juma al-Shawesh                                         GNC member

20.  Mr Mohammed Younis al-Toumi                         GNC member

21.  Mr Omar Abu Lifa                                             GNC member

22.  Abdullah Ali Jawan                                           GNC member

23.  Mr Mohammed Muammar Ziyab                         GNC member

24.  Mr Hamid Muammar al-Ruwaymi                       GNC member

25.  Mr Abdel Menhem al-Yasir                                 GNC member

26.  Mr Mahmoud Abdel Aziz                                    GNC member

27.  Mr Ahmed Bouni                                                GNC member

28.  Mr Mohammed al-Tayyib                                    GNC member

29.  Mr Ali Sowaih                                                   GNC member

30.  Mr Othman Mabrouk Moftah al-Ghedwi             GNC member

31.  Mr Mustafa Jibril Mohammed Jibril                   GNC member

32.  Mr Juma al-Saeh                                               GNC member

33.  Mr Salah Massoud Mitu                                      GNC member

34.  Mr Ahmed Toufik Yaacoub                                 GNC member

35.  Mrs Naima Mohammed al-Hami                         GNC member

Article (2)

The committee shall be in charge of overseeing the administration of a comprehensive community dialogue aimed at surveying citizens’ opinions about the mechanism for forming the Constitutional Drafting Assembly stipulated by Article (30) of the Constitutional Declaration.

Article (3)

In the exercise of its duties, the committee shall abide by the memorandum submitted by the GNC legislative and constitutional committee.

Article (4)

The committee may resort to any person it deems necessary to perform its functions and shall urgently prepare an estimated budget of the programs entrusted thereto. The committee shall initiate its activity on Thursday 27/12/2012.

Article (5)

The committee shall submit periodic activity reports to the GNC in addition to a final detailed report to be submitted within a maximum period of one week from the date of completion of its functions.

Article (6)

The provisions of this resolution shall enter into force from its date of issuance and shall be implemented by all parties, each within their mandate.

General National Congress - Libya


13 Safar 1434 AH

Corresponding to 13/12/2012 AD

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