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Part IV: Judicial Authorities: Role in the Security Sector

Decision No. (48) of 2010 on amending the jurisdiction of the Misratah Court of Appeal

Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies

Decree No. (48) of 1378 FDP (2010 AD)

on amending the jurisdiction of the Misrata Court of Appeal

The Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies,

Upon review of:

  • Law No. (6) of 1374 FDP on the judicial system;
  • Minister of Justice Decree No. (601) of 1393 AH (1974 AD) establishing the Misrata Court of Appeal;
  • Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies Decree No. (47) of 2010 AD on establishing the Khoms Court of Appeal.
  • The submission of the head of the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies;
  • The minutes of the sixth extraordinary meeting of the Supreme Council for Judicial Bodies of 1378 FDP dated 19/7/2010 AD;

has decreed:

Article (1)

The jurisdiction of the Misrata Court of Appeal shall be amended to be set based on the jurisdiction of the Sirte, Misrata, and Bani Walid Courts of First Instance.

Article (2)

Cases being heard before the Misrata Court of Appeal that fall outside its jurisdiction under the preceding Article shall be referred to the closest court of appeal, unless the case has been reserved pending judgement.

Article (3)

The competent bodies shall enforce this Decree and it shall come into force at the beginning of the judicial year on 1 September 2010 AD. This Decree shall be published in the Procedures Register.

Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies – Libya

Issued on 9 August 1378 FDP

Corresponding to: 9/8/2010 AD

Text Type:Judicial Decision
Text number:48
Text date:2010-08-09
Institution:Supreme Court

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