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Part II: Legislative Authorities: Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector

Law No. (12) of 2003 on adding a provision to Law No. (1) of 2001 on People’s Congresses and People’s Committees

Law No. (12) of 1371 FDP

on adding a provision to Law No. (1) of 1369 FDP

on People’s Congresses and People’s Committees

The General People’s Congress

  • In execution of the resolutions of the Basic People’s Congresses in their annual session of 1370 FDP;

And upon review of:

  • The Declaration of the Establishment of the Authority of the People;
  • The Great Green Charter of Human Rights of the Jamahiriya Era;
  • Law No. (20) of 1991 AD on promoting freedom;
  • Law No. (1) of 1369 FDP on People’s Congresses and People’s Committees;

drafted the following law:

Law No. (1)

A new article shall be added to the aforementioned Law No. (1) of 1369 FDP as Article (37) bis, the text of which shall be as follows:

Article (37) bis

Without prejudice to the competencies of judicial and oversight bodies, public inspectors may be selected for several or all sectors and their relationship with the General People’s Committee, its secretariat, and the General People’s Committee for Districts shall be determined by a decision by the General People’s Congress or the body assigned thereby. The competencies of the public inspector shall be defined as follows:

  1. Inspect the progress of execution in the sector on the district level.
  2. Oversee and inspect all public bodies, institutions, agencies, and companies in the sector.
  3. Propose and follow up on the execution of public policies pertaining to the sector domestically and abroad.

To this end, the public inspector may:

  1. Refer any workers in the sector necessary to investigation, including secretaries and members of People’s Committees in the sector, and secretaries and members of People’s Committees for public companies, institutions, agencies, and projects subordinate or subject to the sector’s oversight, all in accordance with the legislation in force.
  2. Submit reports about the outcomes of follow-up and inspection.
  3. Follow up on procedures to correct violations in the sector until they are restored to their normal state.

Article (2)

Based on a proposal from the Secretariat of the General People’s Committee, the Secretariat of the General People’s Congress shall establish the necessary regulation to allow public inspectors to perform their duties.

Article (3)

This law shall enter into force from its date of issuance, and it shall be published in the Legal Register.

General People’s Congress – Libya

Issued in Sirte

On 13 June 1371 FDP

Text Type:Law
Text number:12
Text date:2003-06-13
Institution:General People's Congress

Repealed by

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