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Part VI: Organisation and Status of Core Security and Justice Providers

Law No. (6) of 2013 on approving the family allowance

Law No. (6) of 2013

on approving the family allowance

Upon review of:

  • The interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 03 August 2011 AD and amendments thereto;
  • The Law of the Financial System of the State;
  • The budget, accounts, and stores regulations;
  • The by-laws of the General National Congress;
  • Cabinet Decree No. (9/1957 AD) on the family allowance regulations and amendments thereto;
  • The conclusions of the General National Congress in its ordinary meeting held on 27 January 2013 AD;

issued following Law:

Article (1)

All Libyan males or females under the age of eighteen shall be entitled to a monthly allowance in the amount of one hundred dinars, not subject to any financial deductions.

Article (2)

Disbursal of the allowance set out above shall commence on 01/01/2013 AD, and discrepancies shall be settled using recognised financial and accounting methods in this regard.

Article (3)

Said allowance shall be disbursed to the head of household if the parents are married and to the spouse holding custody if they are divorced, and to guardians.

Article (4)

As an exception to Article (1), all unmarried females who do not receive a salary, wage, allowance, or grant from any party shall be entitled to this allowance.

Libyan wives or Libyan women holding custody of children under the age of eighteen from a non-Libyan spouse shall be entitled to and receive this allowance.

Article (5)

In all cases, the allowance set out above shall only be disbursed to eligible persons ordinarily residing in Libya, and disbursal thereof shall cease if they reside outside the country for more than three months.

Article (6)

The above-mentioned allowance shall be disbursed to eligible persons through the Ministry of Social Affairs and through the Civil Status Authority’s database after issuance of the universal national ID number.

Article (7)

All legislation regulating family allowances shall be repealed, as shall any provision that conflicts with this Law.

Article (8)

This Law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

The General National Congress – Libya

Issued in Tripoli on

8 Jumada al-Oula 1434 AH

Corresponding to: 20 March 2013 AD

Text Type:Law
Text number:06
Text date:2013-03-14
Institution:General National Congress (GNC)

The text displayed in its version modified by the following amendments:

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